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Ruffalo Noel Levitz offers customized services that connect you with your target audience and engage them with your campus or organization. Whether you are recruiting prospective students, guiding current students to graduation, or cultivating donor relationships with alumni or patrons of your nonprofit, you can partner with Ruffalo Noel Levitz to achieve those goals more efficiently than you thought possible.

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Enrollment management

RNL Complete Enrollment

RNL Complete Enrollment covers the complete student lifecyle, from the college search process to enrollment, to graduation, as well as financial aid, market research, and strategy development.

Building Demand

  • RNL Demand Builder: Search campaigns that target the right students and build engagement to the application state.
  • RNL NYS Demand Builder: Provides institutions in the New York market with a robust strategy to ensure out-of-state enrollment growth while managing the in-state environment.
  • RNL SMART Approach: Predictive modeling for qualifying list purchases.

Cultivating Applicants

Optimizing Yield

Student Success

Strategy Roadmap

RNL New York State (NYS) Enrollment Solutions

Fundraising management for higher education and nonproft organizations

Annual Giving

  • Phonathon Management: Optimize your outreach with a robust phonathon program.
    • On-Campus Phonathon: Your students connecting with your alumni, parents, and friends from your campus.
    • Off-Site Fundraising: Reach targeted audiences and get strong results with a phonathon conducted from a regional calling site.
    • Phonathon Consulting: Receive immediate feedback regarding strengths and areas for improvement, both short and long-term.
  • Direct Mail: Data-driven, strategic, and creative direct mail solutions for your fundraising program.
  • Data Enrichment Services: Optimize your annual giving potential with a full channel data enrichment solution that focuses on finding the best phone number, email address, and physical address for your constituents.
  • Analytics: Maximize your potential with actionable metrics.

Digital Giving

  • RNL Digital Dialogue: Reach donors where they are, on their favorite sites and on their smartphones, with targeted digital advertising, retargeted ads, and geo-location advertising in specific geographic areas.
  • Crowdfunding with ScaleFunder: Improve your online fundraising efforts with a ScaleFunder crowdfunding solution.
  • Giving Day with ScaleFunder: Engage more donors and manage your online ambassadors with the most effective platform for hosting a giving day.

Major and Planned Giving

Nonprofit Fundraising Management

  • Greek Foundations: Get members involved with annual giving, strategically organize your development plans, and reach your goals.
  • Cultural Organizations: Total solutions for fundraising and membership cultivation, solicitation, acknowledgement, and stewardship activities.
  • Healthcare Philanthropy: Build a foundation of consistent, loyal donors while upgrading and identifying Major Donor prospects.
  • Faith-Based Organizations: Enhance relationships with your parishioners and assure successful campaigns with targeted, cost-efficient fundraising services.
  • Public Broadcasting: Cultivate interest, share your mission, and raise more dollars than ever before.

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