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Strengthen the quality of student life and learning on your campus

Successful campuses continuously strive to improve the quality of the student experience. In order to do that, you need to know where to focus your efforts.

The RNL Satisfaction-Priorities Surveys (SPS) help you pinpoint those challenges and priorities. They allow you to look at your institution inside and outside of the classroom, so you can analyze a wide spectrum of issues that affect the student experience. You’ll see a clear picture of what you need to do now to improve student life, learning, and success.

Why does student satisfaction matter?

Watch this brief introduction to the 2020 National Student Satisfaction and Priorities Report by assessment expert Julie Bryant which highlights why assessing student satisfaction is important and how the data can be used on campus.  Or request a free consultation with our student satisfaction experts.

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What campuses say about the RNL Satisfaction-Priorities Surveys

Sullivan University logo

“We use the Student Satisfaction Inventory data in all of our departments, academic and non-academic, to determine if we are meeting expected outcomes. We intentionally make changes based on the data to improve the student experience.”
David Tudor, Vice President, Lexington Campus, Sullivan University

Indiana Wesleyan University logo

“When we focus on the identified strengths and challenges from our RNL Satisfaction-Priorities Survey results, we get more bang for our buck because we know these are areas that truly matter to our students.”
—Tony Parandi, Director of Institutional Research, Indiana Wesleyan University

Southwestern Michigan College logo“The SSI is easy to use and the RNL staff provide good directions and make the administration process simple to implement. They also provide excellent customer service throughout the process. The results are clear and provide actionable next steps. We took advantage of the free, one-hour report review and we really appreciated the additional observations that were shared to help us take the use of our results to the next level.”
—Angie Evans, Director of Institutional Research, Southwestern Michigan College

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