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The RNL Partners Program is a community of like-minded companies whose purpose is to maximize the successes of the colleges and universities that RNL serves.

As the leading consulting firm in higher education, our campus clients look to us to identify the leading technologies and solutions to maximize their student recruitment, retention, and fundraising efforts. The RNL Partners Program focuses on firms making advances in areas that will move higher education enrollment and fundraising forward—such as advanced analytics, AI and machine learning, behavioral modeling, and application and software development.

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Through the RNL Partners Program, companies and organizations can greatly expand their opportunities to engage and interact with higher education leaders, including:

  • Drawing on RNL’s enormous repository of data for enrollment and fundraising to further refine their solutions for the higher education market.
  • Having your services included among RNL’s solutions when they are ideally suited for an institution RNL is serving.
  • Sponsorship and speaking opportunities at the RNL events, including the annual RNL National Conference, which attracts more than 1,500 higher education professionals.

Current partners


RNL Partner CampusESP

CampusESP is a strategic family engagement platform that enables institutions to inform the greatest influencers in students’ lives—their parents. From impacting enrollment, to student success, to annual giving—keeping parents effectively engaged has proven to be critical for institutions looking to better support their institutional goals. CampusESP supports that objective through personalized communications and parental alerts delivered via the web and straight to their smartphones.

Learn more about the RNL and CampusESP partnership

Civitas Learning partners with universities and colleges dedicated to helping more students learn well and finish strong. They provide educators with tools and supporting services that bring together and make the most of their diverse and disconnected data streams; personalize information and support for their students; and deepen understanding of the impact of their student-success initiatives. Through their work together, Civitas Learning and their partners are empowering leaders, advisors, faculty, and students—and measurably improving enrollment, persistence, and graduation outcomes. Today, Civitas Learning partners with nearly 400 colleges and universities, serving approximately 8 million students. Together with their growing community of practice, they are making the most of the world’s learning data to graduate a million more students per year by 2025.

Learn more about the RNL and Civitas Learning partnership.


Emsi provides colleges and universities with labor market data to build a better workforce and nurture strong economies, businesses, and graduates. Hundreds of institutions use Emsi to align programs with regional needs, drive enrollment, connect students with in-demand careers, track employment outcomes for their alumni, and demonstrate their institution’s economic impact on their region.

Learn more about how RNL and Emsi can help you use labor market data to increase engagement with prospective students and donors.

Equifax logo

Graduate Outcomes Metrics is a data analytics service produced and delivered by Equifax Workforce Solutions that allows higher education institutions to better understand the success of their graduates. Unlike traditional graduate data collection methods, the information provided to institutions from Equifax is more accurate, verified, and free from self-reporting. Additionally, data are current and longitudinal to help assess longer-term performance. Equifax allows institutions to combine multiple datasets including programs, degrees, financial aid, gender, and more to produce unique aggregated and anonymized information on income, industry, and geography, with insights up to 15 years post-graduation creating a more holistic view of student success.

Learn more about Equifax.

Gigg logo

Social media has become your greatest marketing tool, yet most colleges and universities feel they could get a lot more from it. Gigg brings simplicity and control by capturing awesome social chatter and organizing it into one convenient hub. Embracing their software drives more social engagement and provides creative ways to display what people are saying about your school. The Gigg Board is taking many industries by storm and is a perfect fit for your university’s marketing goals.

Learn more about Gigg.

GlyphEdA joint venture between the University of Notre Dame and SynGlyphX, GlyphEd is transforming the way colleges and universities interact with data to discover insights and make informed decisions. GlyphEd’s innovative approach to data visualization is being applied to Enrollment

Management; Retention & Student Success; Academic Research; and Data Science Curriculum. GlyphEd software is in use by faculty, students, researchers and administrators—and is credited with attracting non-traditional students, optimizing recruiting travel spend, improving retention; discovering a lifesaving insight in a patient medical study; and improving a student’s performance in the video game Counter Strike. GlyphEd sits on top of existing IT investments in CRM and other systems and data – allowing colleges and universities to get a greater return on IT investments.

Learn more about how RNL and GlyphEd can turn data into meaningful insights.

Mongoose publishes content aimed at helping colleges and universities continuously improve the ways they communicate with students, parents, alumni, and donors. They also developed Cadence, higher education’s preferred enterprise texting platform. Their software helps over 400 institutions create instant, meaningful connections with their constituents—and in doing so, achieve remarkable outcomes.

Learn more about the RNL and Mongoose partnership.


RNL Partner Nearpeer

Nearpeer, Inc. serves colleges and universities by strengthening students’ commitment to college, starting with incoming students. Nearpeer achieves higher student enrollment and retention through its innovative peer-to-peer student platform, mobile apps, and machine learning which complement existing programs. Students use Nearpeer to voluntarily find, connect, and engage with each other based on what they have in common: major, shared interests, pathway, life experience, and more. The result is authentic, positive peer influence that increases students’ connection and commitment to their college, resulting in higher enrollment and retention.

Learn more in our on-demand webinar, “Reduce Summer Melt With Gen Z Peer Influence.”

PlatformQ Education helps colleges and universities evolve their online engagement strategies. With its suite of products, including Conduit, Campus Connect, Global SMS and email automation, PlatformQ Education enables institutions to meaningfully engage with students, parents, and counselors at every stage of the engagement process. Whether the goal is to increase applications or influence accepted students’ decisions, more than 200 institutions rely on PlatformQ Education to support their conversion and yield goals.

Request a demo of the Conduit from PlatformQ.