RNL ENABLE: Market Research for Graduate and Online Enrollment

Uncover which graduate and online programs are in demand and how the most successful programs perform so well.

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Find industry-leading research for
sustainable enrollment and revenue growth


How do the best graduate and online programs consistently hit their enrollment goals? By guiding every decision with the right data that reveal the right strategies that deliver the highest ROI for every dollar spent.

That’s why more institutions guide their decisions and boost their enrollment with RNL Market Research and Insights.

RNL provides the complete picture of what is driving enrollment and the true enrollment potential of your programs:

  • Which programs and skills are in demand by students and employers?
  • What capacity does the market have to grow enrollment for specific programs?
  • Which prospective students should you engage to maximize enrollment and revenue?

Make your programs more appealing, competitive, and profitable with the right market research

  1. Maximize ROI by prioritizing large numbers of programs and focusing your resources more strategically.
  2. Reduce enrollment drag by sorting programs that may be interesting to stakeholders, but with little demand among prospective students or employers.
  3. Capitalize on market demand by determining whether a program should be offered in the classroom or online.
  4. Perfect your program pitch to prospective students with messaging that resonates with them and drives their enrollment decisions.
  5. Demonstrate value by leveraging real-time employment trends for each each program.

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Private institution in New England

Provide market data to guide redesign of a faltering master’s program

This campus was considering drastic actions such as a name change of the program to a restructuring of its format. But RNL research revealed they were focusing on the wrong audience—working professionals—when the program really attracted students using the program as a stepping stone to more advanced study.

Without costly and time consuming program changes, by better understanding of who their audience was and what they were looking for in a program, the institution started reversing enrollment decline in less than 12 months.

Midwestern public institution

Optimizing allocation of limited marketing dollars among a dozen programs

RNL helped the campus profile similar programs to understand the mid-term trajectory of occupations related to each program, as well as profiling the configuration and positioning of similar programs in the regional market.

Institutional leaders were able to make data-informed decisions on marketing allocations that aligned with market data and demand.

Midwestern private institution

Expand its market reach by identifying online programs with the highest potential ROI.

RNL’s market research identified the online programs that would allow the institution to compete regionally as well as nationally.

The identified programs saw more organic applications and conversions within six months.

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Set up your strategies for success using 3 key areas of focused research

Environmental Scan


Prioritize current programs by ROI potential and identify the most promising new programs. This includes an environmental scan and competitor profiling by program.

Icon: hand holding a dollar sign


Analyze your competition, market, and student perceptions about the value of an education from your program.

Audience Analysis


We research the motivations and behaviors of your target audiences, developing the messaging that will resonate with them and increase their engagement.

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