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Louisiana Tech University

“The engaging omnichannel program included a mix of traditional and nontraditional channels, which helped us engage our alumni and exceed donor and dollar goals. We achieved the highest number of donors in Louisiana Tech history and have built a strong foundation for the future.”

Brooks Hull, Vice President, University Advancement, Louisiana Tech University
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St John Fisher College

“RNL has been an important strategic partner to the college for over 18 years. Their modeling has provided scenarios to leverage our institutional aid and guidance to continue our success during challenging enrollment times.”

Marie Fico, Director of Student Financial Services, St. John Fisher College
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University of Missouri-Kansas City

“We were ready to engage students as quickly as possible, but the level of engagement we have since our first chat experience through our website was unexpected. We aren’t just communicating with students through webcasting and chat … We are building relationships with them.”

Alice Arredondo, Director of Admissions, University of Missouri-Kansas City
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“Our Leadership Journey enabled targeted outreach to our leadership annual donors and prospects—our future major gifts pipeline—while operating within the staff and budget constraints that all advancement shops face.”

Gillian Locke, Interim Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Austin College
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Utica College Logo

“Because we reset our tuition price, the normal annual percentage increase is now applied to a lower base tuition amount, resulting in a lower dollar amount of increase on a flatter trajectory”

Dr. Jeffery T. Gates, Senior Vice President for Student Life and Enrollment Management, Utica College
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