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“The engagement center gives us an opportunity to reach to a broad group within our large alumni base. Our telefund students also build a community with each other. Our RNL center manager does an incredible job. Our students, combined with the professionalism that RNL brings, have given us an opportunity to expand and increase results.”

Tracy Krahl, Associate Vice President for Communication and Engagement, DePaul University
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“Not only has the quantity of leads increased, but also the quality since we began working with RNL. Conversion rates have increased tremendously, and we've had a record number of enrollments in 2022.”

Michelle Lacoss, Senior Director of Graduate Enrollment, Agnes Scott College
A 210% Increase in Year-Over-Year Graduate Enrollment at Agnes Scott College
Berry College

“We continue to strive for excellence in everything we do and fulfill Martha Berry's vision. No matter a student's personal path or career destination, each of our 75+ areas of study equips them with knowledge, skills and habits of mind for success. A special thank you to RNL for acknowledging Berry College for this prestigious award.”

Nancy Rewis, Vice President of Marketing and Communications , Berry College
Berry College Achieves Big Goals for Enrollment and Revenue

“When a donor shows up to give, you've already overcome a huge hurdle. You want to make it as painless and as quick as possible. In our last giving day, we had many comments like: ‘can you include other forms of payment?’ So for us, it wasn’t about following trend, it was about a donor need. And it has made a difference”

Sergio Lopez, Director of Annual Giving Strategies, Santa Clara University
Santa Clara University Fuels Record Giving Day Success with Digital Wallet
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“I give RNL a five out of five for various reasons, but the quality of the research, the comprehensiveness of it is the leading was done thoroughly, thoughtfully, timely. The recommendations were very helpful. The level of collegiality shouldn't be understated—approachable, thoughtful, open to all questions.”

Joshua Kutney, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Lakeland University
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“When you work in education, everything is a good thing because we’re working to improve people’s lives. But it’s also good to take a step back and develop the goals to say, this might be good, but this is what’s best. There’s really nothing that we could be working on that’s not good, but because we have scarce resources, limited number of staff, and limited hours in the day, we have to take that step back to say, what’s the best thing for us right now? ”

Ryan Gower, Chancellor, Illinois Eastern Community Colleges
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