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How do you fight donor decline?

That answer eludes most institutions. Nearly 3 out of 4 institutions are still down on donors since the pandemic. This follow a 30-year decline in alumni participation. That’s a trend that must be reversed if institutions want to sustain their fundraising success. And major gifts have to start somewhere—declining donors mean a major hit to future giving.

Why institutions need RNL Omnichannel Engagement


decline in alumni participation.


of institutions have declined in alumni donors since 2019.


of major donors have given 6 times or more before their major gift.

RNL Omnichannel Engagement boosts your donor pipeline


RNL Omnichannel Fundraising is an integrated, data-driven solution that:

  • Identifies which donors are your best prospects
  • Deploys a strategic omnichannel mix to engage more of those donors
  • Amplifies the donor experience with compelling creative that taps into their passions
  • Delivers the best results possible within your budget.

RNL Synergy Loyal Givers

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3 ways RNL Omnichannel Engagement drives your success

1. Expert consulting

RNL Omnichannel Engagement includes a seasoned annual giving expert who is dedicated to your program. Your expert develops your initial plan, coordinates your channel activity and mix, and works with you on the best initiatives to meet your goals.

2. Integrated omnichannel messaging

Your consultant aligns your communication channels so you optimize your outreach and engage the right audiences with the right messages in a single, strategic, evolving fundraising campaign.

3. AI-driven personalization

Personalize donor communication at scale with integrated platforms that use behavioral insights to drive engagement. The result: more targeted communications delivered more efficiently than ever.


What makes RNL Omnichannel Engagement unique?



  • One partner orchestrating integration between all channels
  • Strategic direction from seasoned fundraising experts
  • Flexibility to allow for program optimization
  • Data-driven program decisions that drive results
  • Regular program evaluation and course correction
  • Always-available program results with SmartView dashboards
  • Active, informed handoff of prospects who are ready for gift officer engagement
RNLSynergy Components

RNL Omnichannel Engagement Components


Bowie State University digital ad for donor appeals.

See great  creative examples from Bowie State, Texas Wesleyan U, Johns Hopkins, U of Arkansas, and UConn.

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