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Discover a comprehensive suite of higher education AI solutions that will help you engage constituents, optimize operations, and analyze data instantly.

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RNL Edge delivers comprehensive higher education AI solutions that combine cutting-edge AI technology with decades of expertise from trusted experts in higher education, ensuring that you have everything you need in one place.

Secure, customized, and responsible AI solutions

RNL Edge is built on RNL GPT, our proprietary platform that offers secure, customized AI tools rooted in the principles of responsible AI: Fairness, Empathy, Accountability, and Transparency. Unlike other AI tools, RNL Edge provides a private solution that aligns with the highest standards of privacy and security.

Limitless uses for marketing, recruitment, philanthropy, and more

Our AI solutions simplify your institution’s operations and improve communication with students, donors, alumni, faculty, and staff. From engaging potential students to analyzing data and providing valuable insights, RNL Edge equips you with the tools you need to succeed.

Three powerful higher education AI solutions


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RNL Compass

Engage your audiences 24/7 with the ultimate digital assistant tool

RNL Compass provides 24/7 guidance to potential students, parents, and alumni, making it your go-to resource for admissions, financial aid, alumni, and donor questions. It also integrates with your website and CRM. Learn more.

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RNL Answers

Harness the power of AI across your institution

RNL’s internal co-pilot solution puts immediate answers, data evaluation, institutional insights, and content creation at your staff’s fingertips, all securely protected in the RNL-GPT platform. Learn more.

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RNL Insights

Talk to your CRM and receive strategic insights

Ask your CRM questions about anything ranging from current melt rate to deposit strategies to evaluating your latest fundraising campaign. RNL Insights integrates with your CRM to provide immediate insights through RNL’s intuitive data board and customized chat tool. Learn more.

Customize how you use RNL Edge to help solve your institution’s unique challenges


  • Instant insights via conversational chat for enrollment data analysis 
  • Secure tool for scheduling visits and answering enrollment questions 
  • 24/7 engagement for alumni events and giving opportunities 
  • Rapid answers for internal teams 
  • Immediate access for university leadership to enrollment data and trends 
  • Benchmarking against similar universities 
  • Customizable solutions to address the unique challenges of your university 
  • Personalized student outreach to enhance recruitment efforts 
  • Automated application review processes for admissions efficiency 
  • Predictive analytics for proactive decision-making 
  • Tailored financial aid recommendations for students
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Why choose RNL for your AI solutions?


Unlike Chat-GPT, your data is kept private and secure on our servers.

Higher Ed

Our AI solutions are designed specifically to help colleges and universities with enrollment and fundraising.


No other firm offers AI, enrollment, and fundraising experts who provide the technical and strategic expertise to reach your goals.

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