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Decrease acquisition costs, improve engagement, and free up staff time with the ultimate digital assistant tool that seamlessly integrates with your CRM.

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The Ultimate Higher Education Digital Assistant


RNL Compass is the ultimate digital assistant tool, seamlessly integrated with your CRM. Engage stakeholders with a chat tool they’ll love, fostering affinity and engagement for your institution. Providing 24/7 support and guidance to potential students, parents, and your alumni, RNL Compass will be your go-to resource for admissions, financial aid, alumni, and donor questions. With RNL Compass integrated into your website, your recruiting and fundraising teams can redirect their focus toward nurturing and supporting their students.

We believe in responsible and transparent AI

RNL makes innovative technologies you can trust, ensuring seamless adoption and implementation, while prioritizing security, transparency, ethics, and responsibility. Our AI solutions adhere to the F.E.A.T. principles: Fairness, Empathy, Accountability, and Transparency. Learn more.

Discover how colleges and universities use RNL Compass


Parents helping with college search

Campus visit scheduling

Prospective students and their families can schedule a campus visit simply by asking RNL Compass. No more cumbersome forms to fill out or webpages to navigate to.

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24/7 engagement

RNL Compass handles inbound communication on your team’s behalf. And because it is trained on your specific university, your students and alumni will feel like they are talking a trusted advisor.

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Alumni event scheduling

Make it easy for alumni to learn about upcoming events and RSVP, increasing their engagement. They can search and register for events just by asking RNL Compass using our conversational chat interface directly on your events website.

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Financial aid guidance

Offer personalized assistance to students and families navigating the financial aid process, including FAFSA applications, scholarship opportunities, and tuition payment options.

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Academic program consulting

RNL Compass can help prospective students pick the right major through an interactive chat that will provide tailored suggestions to help prospective students pick the right major for them.

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Effortless donor guidance

RNL Compass can assist potential donors in finding the right fund by chatting with them and offering personalized recommendations. It makes the donation process simple and straightforward, helping donors quickly and easily support the causes they care about most.

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Why choose RNL Compass?

  • Real-time communication: Connect with today’s students, parents, and alumni through authentic, conversational exchanges, ensuring seamless positive interactions with your university. The tool’s 24/7 availability leads to increased engagement, conversion, and affinity during the enrollment and donor journeys.
  • Natural Approachable Responses: RNL Compass differs from traditional chatbots by using Dialogue Understanding (DU) instead of NLU models, allowing it to consider the whole conversation and context, produce command sequences, and generate responses dynamically. This approach lets users guide the conversation more naturally, improving their experience, and combines the strengths of LLMs with the control and reliability of NLU-based systems.
  • Optimize staff time: Free up valuable staff time with automated assistance and support, allowing your team to focus on meaningful student engagement.
  • Fully managed solution: Fully managed solution, simplifies setup and maintenance, ensuring institutions can quickly deploy and benefit from the latest updates without the need for extensive technical expertise. By handling infrastructure management, providing 24/7 support, and enhanced security, RNL Compass reduces operational burden and total cost of ownership while ensuring compliance with industry standards.
  • CRM Integration: Enjoy seamless integration with your CRM and website, ensuring consistent and accurate responses based solely on university information.
  • Data security: Rest easy knowing that your university’s sensitive information is 100% secure, with responses based only on approved data sources.
  • Training and support: Receive comprehensive training and ongoing support from our dedicated team to ensure effective implementation and troubleshooting.

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