RNL Adult Learner, Online Learner, and Graduate Student Enrollment Solutions

Drive enrollment with precise personalization and multichannel marketing that resonates with these growing populations

"Traditional" enrollment is becoming increasingly nontraditional. As the flow of traditional-aged college students slows, campuses are increasingly looking to enroll adult learners, online learners, and graduate students.

The market for adult learners, online learners, and graduate students

Americans have some college but no degree

1 in 3
students take at least one online course

gradute students predicted by 2027

These students are more unpredictable than traditional undergraduates in their decision making and enrollment timelines. That’s why RNL has developed advanced analytics, tools, and strategies that are tuned for the nontraditional population.

  • GENERATE QUALIFIED LEADS and maximize your pool with new audiences through digital lead generation (location-based digital marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing) and with identified audiences through high-touch engagement (list-based opportunities).
  • CREATE RESPONSIVE ENGAGEMENT through student attitudinal data and behavioral modeling that personalize each touchpoint using the students’ own interests and preferences. You’ll show students that you are listening and responding to their unique needs.
  • DEPLOY MULTICHANNEL MARKETING that reaches students in every channel they use: digital, social, and web along with email, mail, and phone. You won’t miss an opportunity to connect.

Plus you receive expert guidance from RNL consultants, trusted by more than 1,900 campuses that work with us each year. You get data-informed strategies, innovative technology, and scalable resources to stay ahead of the increasing competition for these student populations.

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Additional solutions for Building Demand

RNL Demand Builder
Launch search campaigns that generate genuine interest from the right students. RNL Demand Builder combines our student search expertise and multichannel enrollment marketing strategies with award-winning creative and industry-leading research and consulting to identify and engage students most likely to respond to your unique offerings.

RNL Student Journey
Create a self-directed enrollment experience for prospective students with this trailblazing approach to the college search process, one that is more relevant, timely, and compelling to students and parents.

RNL SMART Approach®
Qualify student names before you purchase them and shape your class precisely using a database of more than 5 million student names.

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