RNL Engage™

RNL Engage™ is the most advanced fundraising software platform available for higher education today, one that makes it easy for you to reach donors through their mobile devices and create experiences that generate gifts.

See how you can create continuous donor engagement with RNL Engage.

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Personalized Engagement. Increased Integration. Greater Giving.

To reach today’s donors, you need a fundraising software platform makes it easier to connect with donors the way they want to interact with you: through texting, email, video, and calling, to create continuous, ongoing engagement.

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How RNL Engage transforms donor outreach

Why choose RNL Engage?


institutions rely on RNL for their fundraising outreach


Donor Engagements held annually by our student ambassadors and fundraising experts


in funds raised through RNL-designed campaigns

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RNL Engage Remote Engagement

Manage your engagement ambassadors from campus or remotely, while they can also conduct their outreach from call centers or remote locations. It allows you to minimize disruptions and maintain donor engagement.

Ensure secure transactions with PCI-DSS certification

RNL has achieved PCI-DSS certification for the security of our remote engagement platform, RNL Engage.

Coalfire PCI verification

Personalized engagement through omnichannel communication

RNL Engage is a complete SaaS-based digital fundraising software solution that takes full advantage of all the ways you can engage donors on their mobile devices. With RNL Engage, you can:

  • Increase connection rates for calling and build brand awareness with RNL Visual Caller ID
  • Strengthen affinity and stewardship by sending donors personalized fulfillment videos with ThankView integration
  • Complement calling with built-in email campaign creation
  • Reach donors instantly with P2P texting that you can segment by results such as pledge/no pledge


RNL Engage fundraising software: texting

Increase integration and efficiency with a modern, intuitive interface

The RNL Engage interface has been designed by fundraisers for fundraisers, with input and insight from leading fundraising programs across the country.

  • All-new interface that is sleek, efficient, and powerful
  • Easy shift management for campus ambassadors
  • API integration connects RNL Engage with campus databases
  • Seamless integration with personalized videos and P2P texting
  • Integration with RNL Crowdfunding to create a complete digital giving experience

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See how you can create continuous donor engagement with RNL Engage. RNL Engage not only creates more engagement opportunities at the point of contact, but generates more giving awareness through its omnichannel capabilities and promotion of the campus brand. That means increased affinity and donations.

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