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Power your enrollment campaigns with CRM data integration that delivers real-time insights.

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Ensure that your CRM is aligned and optimized
with your enrollment goals


Data integration and optimization are more critical than ever to enrollment management, powering everything from analytics to student recruitment campaigns to personalization at scale.

Now RNL can help your institution optimize your CRM to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Our experts can help you with:

  • Enhanced communication flows—Target the right students with the right message at the right time.
  • Data integration services—Ensure seamless exchange of data between your CRM and RNL.
  • Implementation acceleration—Get your new CRM live quickly and take advantage of the core capabilities of the system.
  • Assessment and remediation—Audit your configuration and receive recommendations to align your CRM with your institutional goals.
  • Training and expert guidance—Maximize the effectiveness of your CRM with training and strategies from RNL’s experts.

We work within your systems to build campaigns

Our CRM and enrollment experts help you build your own enrollment marketing capabilities inside your CRM for:

  • Student search campaigns
  • Application generation campaigns
  • Yield campaigns

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Data integration for real-time insights

We can implement and/or optimize your CRM integration template to ensure efficient two-way data transfer between your CRM and RNL.

  • See immediate insights into your enrollment strategies
  • Make adjustments quickly to assess and maximize the effectiveness of your strategies
  • Increase efficiency and ROI

Real enrollment insights from experts who have been in your shoes

Our robust roster of marketing and student recruitment experts have vast experience and are former campus professionals who have served as enrollment managers and campus leaders.

Enhanced communication flows: CRM Optimization + Enrollment Expertise

Combine our CRM optimization capabilities with RNL’s unparalleled marketing and recruitment expertise. We will amplify the impact of your recruitment communications to target and engage the students you want.

  • Reach the right students at the right time with the right message
  • Continuously optimize your flows to strengthen the impact of your communications and achieve greater outcomes.
  • Combine CRM optimization with our award-winning higher ed marketing—recognized with 26 awards at the most recent Educational Advertising Awards, including best in show.

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