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Build the class you want with RNL’s strategic solutions for undergraduate enrollment management


How do you engage and enroll the right students for your institution? Increase retention and graduation rates? Balance affordability, aid, and revenue?

RNL gives you the most advanced solutions for meeting these big undergraduate enrollment management challenges. You receive the research, data, expertise, analytics, and technology you need to sustain success across all areas of enrollment. Our solutions work together to increase demand, target the right students, nurture their engagement, and increase student success to completion.

A trusted partner to more than 1,900 colleges and universities

University of Missouri-Kansas City“We were ready to engage students as quickly as possible, but the level of engagement we have since our first chat experience through our website was unexpected. We aren’t just communicating with students through webcasting and chat … We are building relationships with them.”
—Alice Arredondo, Director of Admissions, University of Missouri-Kansas City

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St John Fisher College“RNL has been an important strategic partner to the college for over 18 years. Their modeling has provided scenarios to leverage our institutional aid and guidance to continue our success during challenging enrollment times.”
—Marie Fico, Director of Student Financial Services, St. John Fisher College

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Ensure your CRM is optimized and aligned with your enrollment goals

Learn how our CRM Solutions can help your institution optimize your CRM to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Our experts can help you with:

  • Accelerating the implementation of your CRM
  • Optimizing your CRM to enhance your communication flows
  • Data integration services
  • Assessment and remediation
  • Training and guidance

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CRM Solutions for Higher Education

Find all the solutions you need to engage, nurture, enroll, and retain your class

These suites of solutions also work independently, allowing you to focus on specific enrollment
management challenges. Explore them and see how you can recruit and retain the right
students all the way through the student lifecycle.

Our CRM Solutions can help you optimize your CRM through:

  • Enhanced communication flows—Target the right students with the right message at the right time.
  • Data integration services—Ensure seamless exchange of data between your CRM and RNL
  • Implementation acceleration—Get your new CRM live quickly and take advantage of the core capabilities of the system
  • Assessment and remediation—Audit your configuration and receive recommendations to align your CRM with your goals.
  • Training and expert guidance—Maximize the effectiveness of your CRM with training and strategies from RNL’s experts.

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