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Unlock hidden insights from your CRM by simply chatting and clicking, helping you optimize your enrollment and fundraising strategies more quickly than ever.

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Imagine having the power to unlock strategic enrollment insights effortlessly, without the hassle of waiting for reports or navigating through multiple dashboards. Introducing RNL Insights, RNL’s groundbreaking AI tool designed to revolutionize enrollment and fundraising management. Make meaning of the data from your CRM, grow enrollment, enhance student and donor engagement, and achieve your mission like never before.

With RNL Insights, our platform seamlessly integrates an intuitive data board and a customized chat tool, facilitating dynamic conversations with your CRM. From analyzing current student search campaigns to fine-tuning fundraising strategies, every query is met with immediate answers. RNL Insights isn’t just a tool; it will become the driving force behind your institution’s success.

Discover new ways to achieve your goals with RNL Insights


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Map your success

Have a bird’s-eye view of where students and donors are coming from, helping you pinpoint areas of focus for enrollment and fundraising efforts.

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Stay ahead of the competition

Compare your recruiting game to other universities with RNL Edge’s benchmarking tools, so you can stay ahead of the competition.

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Plan for tomorrow

Use RNL Edge’s crystal ball feature to predict future enrollment and fundraising trends, helping you stay ahead of the curve and plan strategically.

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Spot red flags early

With RNL Edge’s real-time trend analysis, ensuring proactive adjustments to keep your strategies on course.

Power your success with RNL’s AI solutions


More than 80 percent of campus leaders believe higher education is not ready for AI.

But RNL is leading the way to develop AI solutions that a sophisticated, secure, and specific to the needs of higher education. Not only will we help your institution prepare for AI, we will ensure you use it to get a competitive edge over the rest. We also adhere to the principles of responsible AI.

Secure information built on RNL-GPT

At the heart of RNL Insights lies our secure RNL-GPT platform that seamlessly merges conversational language with your university’s data stored in a locked-down database – creating a conversational chat experience.

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Why choose RNL Insights?


  • Have a conversation with your data: Ask your CRM any question with RNL Insights’s chat interface. Your questions are analyzed and Insights answers in a conversational way that is supported by charts and graphs. Get insights from your data without running queries or digging through dashboards.
  • Connects to any data source: Easily connect to three different data sources, like your CRM, the Athletic Department’s CRM, and your Financial Aid Management software, define your data framework, and create a single source of truth for all users.
  • Instant responses: Query millions of data points 100x faster than current data warehouses. Say goodbye to tedious tasks with automated insights that lighten your team’s workload.
  • Data navigator interface: Use the conversational chat tool paired with the Data Navigator dashboards that highlight key metric performance and allow you to freely analyze any part of your data with just a few clicks. Continuously drill down to investigate the details of what changed and why with complete accuracy.
  • Secure platform: Rest easy knowing your data is kept safe and confidential.
  • Boost enrollment success: Stand out from the crowd with personalized advice and predictive analytics that give your university an edge.

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