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Students demand and need high quality online teaching and learning experiences. With RNL Teaching and Learning, you have a team of experts working with your institution to deliver online learning experiences and courses that will maximize student engagement and academic performance.

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University leaders have significant concerns about expanding online


concerned about maintaining student engagement.


worried about faculty readiness for online learning.


concerned about student preparedness for online learning.


cite a lack of instructional design support.

Elevate the online learning experience with expert instructional design


RNL’s Digital Learning team is made up of industry experts in education and technology. No matter what course modality used at your institution, we will help you provide high quality online teaching and learning experiences using proven instructional design models and theories.

We are focused on designing the best learning experiences possible by utilizing sound pedagogical practices, innovative technologies, and authentic assessments to maximize students’ engagement and performance.

Your institution retains ownership of all deliverables—another way that we ensure you return control during our partnership.

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Talk with an RNL Teaching and Learning expert on how you can get the curriculum planning, course design, and training and support you need to provide a premiere online learning experience.

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Our scaleable solutions for your institution


RNL Instructional Design

Curriculum Planning

Find the perfect approach with an analysis of your goals and resources, a needs assessment, and an implementation plan.

Course Development

Create high quality, engaging online courses through proven instructional design frameworks and pedagogical best practices. Receive a custom LMS template, course development services, and training.

Feedback and Evaluation

Ensure students are receiving high quality instruction through course evaluations and student feedback.

Faculty Development

Enhance instructors’ skills by delivering insightful training on best practices—including course development and LMS technology, online teaching, and online course enhancements.

Expert Consulting

RNL’s team will provide experienced advice and support for course development, evaluations and feedback, and online faculty development.


RNL Instructional Design

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