RNL ENABLE: Strategy and Consulting for Graduate and Online Enrollment

Determine the optimal strategies for meeting market demand, assessing your programs, and reaching your enrollment goals.

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Why do so many enrollment managers trust RNL’s enrollment experts? Because we work with you to find the ideal approaches to your enrollment goals.

We begin by bringing stakeholders together to review relevant regional higher education market data as well as collect internal data and intelligence. These internal and external data sources become the foundation for the strategy and planning process used throughout the partnership.

How our experts work with you to build winning enrollment strategies:

  • Strategic enrollment planning: We collaborate on a 3-5 year enrollment plan aligning your campus resources and positioning so you reach your specific enrollment goals.
  • Customized consulting: We work with your team to meet specific goals on areas ranging from organizational structure, enrollment operations, and annual marketing plans.

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How we turn data and insights into action

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Is your institution staffed, structured, and strategically invested in what it takes to deliver high-quality online instruction? What barriers still stand in your way? Our expert team will evaluate your campus culture, online strategy and resources, enrollment and retention processes, technology to support learners, and existing curriculum, and deliver an in-depth recommendations report and roadmap to online instructional excellence.

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Your RNL team can help you achieve the approvals you need from accreditation organizations. You will receive guidance from an experienced consultant who will move you through the substantive change application and approval process.

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Strategic enrollment planning from RNL provides a systematic approach to achieving ongoing stability, ensuring that you can meet the educational, financial, and material needs of your students and your institution. This data-informed process aligns your institution’s fiscal, academic, co-curricular, and enrollment resources with your changing environment to accomplish your institution’s mission and ensure your long-term enrollment success and fiscal health.

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Receive experienced consultation that is precisely tailored for your institution’s mission and goals. Draw on a deep pool of collective expertise and a wide array of technological resources to help you take an efficient, data-driven approach to your enrollment objectives, so that can engage more of the students you’re trying to recruit for the programs you wish to fill.

Your RNL team has your backOPM Alternative: Strategy and Consulting from your RNL team

RNL assigns a specific team to each partner, with a team lead who manages all aspects of the relationship. Your team schedules regular meetings with client stakeholders to review results, tweak strategies, and amend plans accordingly. Annual or quarterly reviews also allow for the updating of all campaigns and strategies to reflect new institutional priorities or developments.

While our consultative approach leverages key external market data and RNL’s accumulated experience, these are balanced with the expertise and experience of client stakeholders—always with an eye on supporting your institutional mission and values.

Strategic Consulting in Action:
Results from a campus partner

Private institution in the west

Increase enrollment for adult undergraduates and graduate students

The university launched a campuswide strategic enrollment planning (SEP) initiative to identify, evaluate, prioritize, and implement strategies to grow adult and graduate enrollment. After extensive research and development, RNL and the university implemented twelve key strategies aligned with the university’s goals.

The SEP process led to development of:

Two new doctoral programs
Expansion of three master’s programs
Four market development strategies
A marketing campaign focused on the university’s value proposition relative to top public competitors

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Determine the optimal strategies for meeting market demand, assessing your programs, and reaching your enrollment goals.

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