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Take Your Giving Day to the Next Level


Giving days are one of the most effective donor engagement activities in today’s challenging fundraising environment. They also require a lot of work and resources if you want to do them right.

RNL Giving Day Powered by ScaleFunder provides the platform, omnichannel engagement, and data-driven expert guidance you need to ensure your giving day will be a massive success.

Why it pays to invest in a giving day

  • Delivers highest ROI in fundraising today
  • Provides the best donor acquisition vehicle
  • Focuses all your channels on one giving effort
  • Identifies future major giving prospects
  • Promotes social listening and micro-volunteering
  • Amplifies a rallying cry for future philanthropy

Build a better giving day with RNL Giving Day Success Packages

RNL Giving Day is available as a standalone software solution, but you can unlock even greater results with the marketing, consulting, and stewardship in our Success Packages.

Learn more about maximizing your giving day results

Watch our webinar to learn how adding omnichannel outreach can build excitement for your giving day and take your results to new heights. Watch now.

7 ways we enable you to have a seamless giving day that maximizes results


RNL Giving Day


Custom Branded Platform
Our robust technology provides a match to your institution’s online look and feel with multiple points of customization and a vanity URL.

Full Content Control
Post videos, photos, and other updates throughout the campaign so you can provide perfectly targeted content to your donors. Provide a space for different areas or units of your institution by harnessing department pages.

Floating Give Now Button and Real-Time Results
During live campaigns, visitors see instantly where to donate, while live results ramp up the excitement of the campaign.

Showcase Matches, Challenges, and Leaderboards
Get your donors excited with customized matches and challenges, and tap into their competitive spirit with real-time leaderboards. You can also allow donors to create their own matches and challenges with Community Events.

Social Sharing and Engagement
Showcase what’s being said on social media and invite folks to be a part of the conversation with a social media aggregator. Enable a donor heatmap to engage and incentivize participation across the country.

Payment Integration and PCI Compliance
RNL’s platform integrates with your payment processing system to deliver funds in a safe and seamless manner that is fully PCI compliant.

Custom Groups
Custom groups listings let you engage your campus community for key priorities, programs, departments or colleges. Each group has its own custom landing page as part of the full giving day.

RNL ScaleFunder Platform Results


in lifetime giving on the platform


median ROI for RNL partners


average giving day gift in 2022

Find everything you need to succeed with our Giving Day Success Packages

These packages engage your giving day audience with high ROI and take the burden from your team so you can focus on personal donor outreach, big gifts, and celebrating the impact of your special day.

The most powerful giving day solution available

RNL ScaleFunder Software

  • RNL Giving Day
  • RNL Crowdfunding
  • RNL Evergreen Giving Pages
  • RNL QuadMail

Direct Marketing

  • Pre-event postcard
  • 3 pre-event email campaigns
  • 3 event email campaigns
  • Event phone campaign
  • Pre-event text campaign
  • Event text campaign
  • Digital advertising campaign
  • Personalized giving day videos
  • Personalized thank you videos


  • Giving day assessment
  • Giving day strategic planning


  • Thank you email campaign
  • Thank you stewardship handwritten cards

The essential software and marketing you need

RNL ScaleFunder Software

  • RNL Giving Day

Direct Marketing

  • Pre-event postcard
  • 1 pre-event email campaign
  • 3 event email campaigns
  • Event phone campaign
  • Event text campaign
  • Digital advertising campaign
  • Personalized thank you videos


  • Giving day assessment


  • Thank you email campaign

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