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East Carolina University

“We could not have done this on our own. We as an institution had to do a lot of work and analysis ourselves, but having the external facilitator guiding the process, helping to point us in the right direction, enabled us to stay on track, and hit deadlines in order to keep the project on track.”

Paul Gemperline, Dean, Graduate School, East Carolina University
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DePaul University logo

“The engagement center gives us an opportunity to reach to a broad group within our large alumni base. Our telefund students also build a community with each other. Our RNL center manager does an incredible job. Our students, combined with the professionalism that RNL brings, have given us an opportunity to expand and increase results.”

Tracy Krahl, Associate Vice President for Communication and Engagement, DePaul University
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Lakeland University logo

“I give RNL a five out of five for various reasons, but the quality of the research, the comprehensiveness of it is the leading was done thoroughly, thoughtfully, timely. The recommendations were very helpful. The level of collegiality shouldn't be understated—approachable, thoughtful, open to all questions.”

Joshua Kutney, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Lakeland University
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“When you work in education, everything is a good thing because we’re working to improve people’s lives. But it’s also good to take a step back and develop the goals to say, this might be good, but this is what’s best. There’s really nothing that we could be working on that’s not good, but because we have scarce resources, limited number of staff, and limited hours in the day, we have to take that step back to say, what’s the best thing for us right now? ”

Ryan Gower, Chancellor, Illinois Eastern Community Colleges
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“Our Leadership Journey enabled targeted outreach to our leadership annual donors and prospects—our future major gifts pipeline—while operating within the staff and budget constraints that all advancement shops face.”

Gillian Locke, Interim Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Austin College
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Texas Woman's University

“The transparency of RNL’s research functions was also highly attractive. We need to take a data-driven approach to selecting focus programs and developing new ones, and knowing that RNL not only believes in this approach, but also makes every data point it surfaces available to us is really valuable to us as a data-informed institution.”

Monica Mendez Grant, Vice President for Student Life, Texas Woman's University
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Utica College Logo

“Because we reset our tuition price, the normal annual percentage increase is now applied to a lower base tuition amount, resulting in a lower dollar amount of increase on a flatter trajectory”

Dr. Jeffery T. Gates, Senior Vice President for Student Life and Enrollment Management, Utica College
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