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Find a more transparent, flexible, and customizable enrollment solution that brings together strategic insights, actionable analytics, instructional design, and cutting-edge digital marketing.

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Discover a Better Business Model for Maximizing Enrollment and Revenue in Your Graduate and Online Programs

2x more qualified leads


RNL doubled qualified inquiries from a previous agency and increased organic web requests by 97%.

5x lead-to-application rate


Our clients have cultivated more leads, increasing the lead-to-application rate by 5x in the first six months after leaving their previous provider.

Double enrollment and increased net revenue


Clients have experienced double and triple enrollments when partnering with RNL, increasing net tuition revenue in the process.

In today’s higher education environment, colleges and universities need to transform their approach to graduate and online enrollment to remain sustainable and build long-term revenue streams. But to achieve that goal, you also need a better business model, one that puts your institution first and is aligned with the digital demands and expectations of today’s prospective graduate and online students.

RNL provides you with that solution, one that is the most institutionally friendly approach available to higher education. We provide:

  • Radical transparency—From market research, analytics, and benchmarks, you always have visibility into the process and your outcomes.
  • Complete control—Your brand, mission, vision, data, research, and academic core remain yours.
  • Maximum flexibility—Stay ahead of student expectations with scalable recruitment strategies and technological capabilities.
  • Ongoing ROI—Build a long-term and transformational revenue stream.

RNL Graduate Enrollment and Online Enrollment

A complete suite of solutions that work together or individually

Our Graduate and Online Enrollment Solutions can be used in any combination that best fits your needs. Looking for a complete solution that covers every key element of graduate and online enrollment? Want to add a solution to strengthen your existing efforts? We can customize our offerings align with your capabilities and goals.

OPM Alternative: Strategy and Consulting

Determine the optimal strategies for meeting market demand, assessing your programs, and reaching your enrollment goals.

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OPM Alternative: Market Research and Insights

Uncover which graduate and online programs are in demand as well as the profile of the most likely prospective student.

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OPM Alternative: Lead Generation

Generate qualified leads through digital marketing strategies that engage prospective graduate students where they spend their time and when they seek information.

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OPM Alternative: Instructional Design

Have a team of experts working with your institution to deliver online learning experiences and courses that will maximize student engagement and academic performance.

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Graduate and Online Student Recruitment

Engage prospective graduate and online students with relevant personalized messaging, inspired digital marketing, and cutting-edge strategies that align with your enrollment goals.

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OPM Alternative

Find a complete suite of solutions that offer all of the capabilities of OPMs with greater flexibility, transparency, and control.

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Texas Woman's University

“The transparency of RNL’s research functions was also highly attractive. We need to take a data-driven approach to selecting focus programs and developing new ones, and knowing that RNL not only believes in this approach, but also makes every data point it surfaces available to us is really valuable to us as a data-informed institution.”

Monica Mendez Grant
Vice President for Student Life, Texas Woman's University
Santa Clara University

“The reason why our relationship with [RNL] flourishes is because they are such good listeners. They are so receptive to change. They're willing to look at things differently. They understand how to translate data into results and translate data into changes. Taking what they know, what I know and merging the two... We've had great success.”

Theresa Strickland
Chief Marketing Officer Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University
Northwestern University

“[RNL] put tireless hours and effort in to get our digital campaigns launched and off on the right foot. They're fantastic partner. ”

Kathleen Pratt
Marketing Strategist, McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, Northwestern University
Clemson University

“We attribute the success of this program to a number of things, including the great work [RNL] is doing. We know that many applicants are a director partial result of advertising. We have found a strong niche that is resonating with our audience, we are ranked at the top and are very competitively priced.”

Jeff Marshall
Department Chair, College of Education, Clemson University
Emory University Goizueta Business School

“We have a complex portfolio of programs, recruiting needs locally as well as across the country and a lean team to accomplish our goals. Our digital choice needed to be someone we could truly partner with and trust as an extension o our team. [RNL] emerged as the clear winner, showing the perfect balance of expertise and execution to complement our skills and maximize our budgets.”