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Identify, warm, and qualify prospects ready to make a transformational gift

How do you spend your time with the major gift and planned giving prospects in your portfolio?

According to our recent study of gift officers from around the country, 55 percent say they don’t spend enough time on solicitation. They also told us that only about half of their assigned prospects receive visits each year. Simply put, gift officers are struggling to engage enough qualified prospects with a propensity to give.

Now there is an advanced solution that combines predictive modeling, integrated multichannel marketing, and sales automation to maximize gift officer productivity and results: Major and Planned Giving from RNL.

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Two solutions for major and planned giving

Pipeline Building

Nothing bogs down your major and planned giving efforts like having to spend so much time qualifying prospects and not enough engaging the right donors. Pipeline Building identifies and connects you with the best major gift and planned giving prospects, providing a deep pool of top-rated major and planned giving donors who have the wealth and affinity that produce more major gifts.

Targeted Coverage

Have a gift officer leave? Need to get a new gift officer off to a fast start? Targeted Coverage ensures you don’t miss a step by providing 100% coverage of assigned major gift and planned giving prospects, plus new prospect qualification to help new gift officers hit the ground running.

Why choose Major and Planned Giving from RNL?

We heard from hundreds of giving professionals that major barriers to gift officer success are holding them back, at a time when fundraising goals are just getting higher.

With a coordinated approach, these barriers can be overcome to supercharge your major and planned giving programs. Using industry-leading donor conversation tactics, here’s what RNL has accomplished for partners over just the past two years, returning donor qualification grades with full contact reports to propel the gift conversation.




Contact Rate Higher Education


Higher Education Grade 1 or 2* Identification Rate

Exceeds 10,000%

Partner ROI

*Grade 1 and Grade 2 donors indicated an estate has been made and ready to be documented, or wish to meet immediately with a gift officer immediately to discuss a gift.

Results and comments from our clients

Client results: Read how campuses are dramatically increasing their pools of qualified major and planned giving donors

See results from public and private campuses that are increasing their numbers of qualified leads for major and planned giving. Learn more »

ROI of $650,000 against a $50,000 investment

Here is how one client working with RNL saw major results through a two-phased approach with RNL.

Loma Linda University Health

“RNL’s philosophy is to make giving easy to talk about. It’s not a technical conversation, it's from the heart. That’s what we talk about with donors—the philosophies of RNL and Loma Linda match.”

Todd Mekelburg, Director of Planned Giving, Loma Linda University Health - Learn More

Talk to our major and planned giving strategists to learn how you can book more big gifts now


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