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Engage and convert donors who are ready to become leadership givers through omnichannel outreach, automation that guides them toward a big gift, and tools that help your gift officers succeed.

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Create smarter donor relationships that
grow your leadership giving pipeline


As donors become more selective with giving, you need a reliable, robust way to cultivate the donors you already have. Cultivating leadership-level gifts is an important first step in the process of identifying and growing the major donors of tomorrow, but many institutions struggle with managing this important step at scale. You need to maximize the time your gift officers spend so they have the intelligence they need to focus on the right donors and the resources to engage and convert them. You need RNL Leadership Giving.

A solution built by gift officers for gift officers to empower your talented team

RNL’s fundraising experts have been in your shoes as gift officers and fundraising leaders. That’s why we have created a solution that gives gift officers what they need to succeed.

Engage more donors than ever across text, email, video, and phone
Acquire and renew leadership gifts using omnichannel outreach and automation that guides donors toward a big gift.

Optimize strategy to prioritize the right donors
Insightful analytics will guide gift officers to the donors and connections they need to make.

Manage engagement at scale from a single
smart platform

Using the RNL Engage platform, your gift officers can handle outreach at scale, freeing up bandwidth to focus on engagement instead of getting stalled waiting for lists.

Maximize giving and ROI
All of this helps you create the right connections that cultivate a healthy, robust leadership giving pipeline. Plus, complete gifts directly in an integrated, low-friction giving portal with digital wallet options.


We want to make sure you have the tools you need, which is why RNL Leadership Giving costs approximately one-third of comparable solutions.

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How we help your gift officers get up to speed, get into the marketplace,
and get connected with donors


3 key areas of support for your gift officers


RNL Leadership Giving is the most complete solution of its kind, allowing you to monitor your gift officers while providing them with the guidance, communications, and technology to reach their goals.

1. Expertise and Support

  • Build and adjust prospect pools
  • Train, guide, support, and monitor campus personnel
  • Report results

2. Marketing and Communications

  • Data-driven outreach strategy
  • Step-by-step-process for engagement
  • Templates and proven examples to follow

3. Integrated Outreach Technology

  • Email
  • P2P Texting
  • Personalized video
  • Phone

How to transform leadership gift outreach

Actual result for a Private Research University


RNL Leadership Giving: Illustration of a female gift officer

Before October 2022

• Gift officer “Sarah” sent a generic email to a lapsing donor.

• Since there was no cadence plan or tech, outreach stopped.

After (Jan-Feb 2023)

1/29 – Sarah sent an initial video message. No response from donor.

1/31 –  Sarah sent a follow-up email. No response from donor.

2/09 – Sarah spoke to the donor on the phone. Meeting scheduled at Law School.

2/15-  Sarah, Law School Gift Officer and donor met. Donor committed to a substantial gift.


$50,000 Gift

Part of RNL Donor Pipeline

RNL Engage

Power your donor engagement center with the most advanced platform for managing donor outreach and with the experienced guidance of RNL’s Engagement Center Managers.


RNL Omnichannel Engagement

Drive donor engagement and elevate your fundraising results with integrated omnichannel messaging, AI-driven personalization, and expert consulting.

RNL Major and Planned Giving Pipleline Builder

Identify and connect with the best major gift and planned giving prospects, providing a deep pool of top-rated donors who have the wealth and affinity that produce more major gifts.