College Student Inventory

Use this early-alert survey to identify at-risk students, focus advisors on key concerns, and link students to resources

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For incoming first-year students at four-year and two-year campuses

The College Student Inventory identifies at-risk students in the incoming class using the leading noncognitive indicators of college student success. You and your colleagues receive detailed information about each student’s academic motivationsareas of risk, and receptivity to specific student services. This survey can be administered before classes get under way or soon after classes begin, providing you with data to make interventions more meaningful and relevant, before a student begins disengaging.

Used by more than 1,400 institutions and completed by more than 2.6 million students nationwide, the College Student Inventory is the leading tool for early identification and early intervention with your newest students.

Learn to use the CSI to:

  • Identify which students are at risk and receptive to assistance.
  • Intervene with students earlier, when the chance for success is greater.
  • Make retention strategies more effective and efficient by basing them on reliable student data.

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Download the First-Year Student Motivation Report

What are the needs, challenges, and priorities for first-year college students? Find out in the National First-Year Students and Their Motivation to Complete College Report. You will learn their attitudes on finishing college, top areas of assistance, desire for career assistance, and more.

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Rockhurst University

“The retention committee notes that in our three semesters of working with the RMS Plus, we have only truly explored the Student Retention Predictor (SRP), as it allows us to synthesize and put to effective use data we have collected from students but never acted on. The SRP has given our campus an effective way to evaluate our students and strategize retention interventions. The committee also acknowledges that the College Student Inventory (CSI) provides a wealth of additional data that has yet to be used to its fullest potential at Rockhurst. It is our hope to continue to develop creative strategies with existing resources to better utilize these tools.”

Emily Kempf
Assistant Director of Residence Life, and Sandy Waddell, Assistant Dean of Students-Retention Director, Rockhurst University (MO)
Grand View University

“Continuing a high level of communication with academic advisors and ensuring that each student has a written academic plan are some areas we’ll be focusing on, along with helping students to deal with shifts in their relationships, especially in residence halls. We also want to help students think more about their career, internship experiences, and service learning in our Vocational Discernment Seminar. Most importantly, the data from this assessment are helping to inform our core curriculum revision for the university.”

Cathy Brent
Director of Student Success, Grand View University (IA)

Available for online completion

Choose from two forms of the College Student Inventory and Mid-Year Student Assessment.

  • Form B (100 items)
    The most widely used version of the CSI, Form B analyzes student attitudes across 17 different scales. Can be used in conjunction with the Mid-Year Student Assessment (MYSA)
  • Form C (74 items)
    Designed specifically for students who seek to balance work, family, and academics, such as adult and online learners. Can be used in conjunction with the Mid-Year Student Assessment (MYSA).

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Implementation and training support

RNL is happy to provide information on administering the College Student Inventory. We offer meet and greet conversations, one-on-one consultant support and a comprehensive guide to help you have a strong implementation plan. Contact Us to learn more.

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