International Student Enrollment

Engage and enroll international students using a vast global network, an AI-powered decision engine, and expert guidance for your enrollment strategies.

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Drive international student enrollment at the
undergraduate, graduate, online, and on-campus levels
with RNL and Shorelight


RNL and Shorelight have partnered together to provide international student enrollment management at scale for your institution. Our International Student Enrollment solution can help you target students at any level for both online or on-campus study. We identify students who are an ideal fit so that you not only recruit international students for your programs, but find students who are more likely to persist and graduate.

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  • Access the industry-leading database of millions of international student records.
  • Manage your admissions more efficiently through an AI-powered, automated decision engine that lets you set enrollment criteria and market parameters.
  • Build enrollment pipelines that can be precisely aligned with your program goals or revenue needs.
  • Find expert guidance from RNL and Shorelight’s enrollment strategists to ensure you maximize your results and ROI.

Reach millions of potential international students


student records in our database


countries available for prospecting


channel partners to help reach students

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Find out how we can help you target and enroll the international students who will be a great fit for your institution.

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