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Yield more students by addressing affordability
and value in financial aid awarding

“We thought we had the perfect aid strategy, but we didn’t get the class we wanted.”

To move more of your admitted students to enrollment, it takes more than financial aid leveraging. You need to address affordability and value, all while managing your goals for net revenue and yield.

Our solutions for optimizing yield balance this complex set of needs through:

  • Pricing strategies informed by accurate, actionable data.
  • Leveraging revenue to meet key objectives.
  • Communicating affordability and value in a way that reassures students about enrolling.

Find out how these solutions can persuade more students to enroll after they are accepted.

Solutions to Optimize Yield

RNL Class Optimizer

Balance your yield rate, awarding, and net revenue while communicating value to admitted students. RNL Class Optimizer provides the most complete solution for yielding students and pricing your institution optimally to achieve strategic goals.

RNL Advanced FinAid Solutions

Develop a strategic financial aid plan that is aligned with your goals for enrollment and net revenue, while also addressing affordability for students.

RNL Personalized FinAid Video

Engage admitted students and explain their financial aid offers more clearly with personalized financial aid offer videos that you can deliver to each student.

RNL TrueCost Calculator

Communicate aid and affordability quickly with this accurate, fully-customized net price calculator.

RNL Yield Campaign

Increase conversion of admitted students through email, mail, phone, and digital outreach.

RNL Melt Prevention Powered by NearPeer

Boost yield and reduce melt by connecting incoming students with their college peer community, reinforcing their commitment and connection to your institution.

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Solutions from RNL Partners

Conduit Online Engagement from PlatformQ Education

RNL has developed, in partnership with PlatformQ Education, a custom offering that integrates the Conduit platform and online engagement strategies with RNL’s application generation strategies to support your engagement and yield strategies throughout the enrollment process.

Optimizing Yield Case Study: Aurora University

Grew overall enrollment, doubled enrollment among students of color, and increased retention along with net revenue.

Additional Resources on Optimizing Yield