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Optimize your financial aid strategy to meet enrollment goals


Awarding financial aid today requires sophisticated analysis that allows an institution to consider many scenarios to balance strategic enrollment goals, student need, and institutional finances in order to optimize yield and net revenue.

RNL Advanced FinAid Solutions provide the analytics and insight needed for successful awarding strategies in today’s higher education market.

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2019 Discounting ReportDownload this analysis of benchmarks for discounting, net revenue, melt rate, and more for freshmen and transfer students. The report includes results for both private and public four-year institutions.

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Use advanced modeling to achieve 3 key objectives for financial aid management:

Balance affordability and resources

by calculating the aid packages needed to enroll specific populations of students.

Develop a strategic financial aid plan

that addresses enrollment goals and optimizes financial aid awards.

Maximize net tuition revenue

to maintain and improve the quality of academic programs and campus services.

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currently optimized under the
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*RNL internal data

rule out institutions based on
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**2016 High School Students’ and Parents’ Perception of Financial Aid Report

7 ways we deliver the optimal financial aid strategy for your institution

Historical Research & Competitor Benchmarking

Investigates undergraduate student enrollment behavior by analyzing need, academic credentials, population segments, and financial aid offers.

Econometric Modeling

Predicts the effect of changes in net price on student yield, allowing you to simulate changes before developing aid awards.

Annual Financial Aid Plan Development

Delivers a strategic financial plan that has been fully informed by comprehensive analysis, modeling, and enrollment goals.

Regular Tracking & Ongoing Consultation

Monitors performance each week so you will always know your precise expected yield, discount rate, and net revenue through our regular updates and detailed management reports, while also receiving expert ongoing counsel rooted in the data.

Retention Analysis

Determines the role financial aid plays in fall-to-fall retention.

Revenue Optimization & Simulation

Enhances our ability to balance and maximize your enrollment, academic profile, and discount rate, using multiple scenarios to develop optimal awarding parameters.

Four-Year Enrollment & Net Revenue Projection Model™

Projects enrollment and net revenue for your current undergraduate student population for four years, adding a new entering class while also accounting for attrition and graduation.

Add the RNL Personalized FinAid Video to your financial aid offers


Personal FinAid Video

Engage students during the awarding process with personalized financial aid offer videos. They are branded to your institution and deliver award info, net cost of attendance, value propositions, and more to each student.

Optional enhancement for Advanced FinAid Solutions

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Additional Products for Optimizing Yield

RNL Class Optimizer™

Balance your yield rate, awarding, and net revenue while communicating value to admitted students.

RNL TrueCost Calculator™

Communicate aid and affordability quickly with this accurate, fully-customized net price calculator.

RNL Yield Campaign™

Increase conversion of admitted students through email, mail, phone, and digital outreach.