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Launch an advanced campaign
that builds a stronger applicant pool

Every institution needs a robust applicant pool to reach its enrollment goals, whether to grow enrollment overall or to enroll specific student populations.

RNL Applicant Cultivator delivers the most advanced way to nurture and develop your college applicant pool, through a combination of predictive analytics, inquiry surveys, and compelling marketing campaigns we create for your institution.

ALIGN your applicant strategy with your enrollment goals

Need more applicants? Applicants who meet specific shaping goals? RNL Applicant Cultivator ensures that you build an applicant pool that fits your goals.

TARGET students who are most likely to apply and enroll

Using powerful analytics and surveys, we uncover new markets for your senior search purchase and qualify your inquiries.

ENGAGE rising seniors and parents with compelling applicant marketing campaigns

Multichannel campaigns across digital, email, direct mail, and phone create the relevant engagement needed to generate the right applicants.

How RNL Applicant Cultivator benefits campuses nationwide


inquiry-to-application rate when engaged with our personalized communication campaigns


in completed applications after using our services for two years


in two years after institutions added our recommended applicant services

7 components to engage the best applicants and increase conversions

Real-Time Targeting and Engagement Campaigns
Inquiry pool surveys via phone and online collect real-time attitudinal information, leading to extended and customized email fulfillment campaigns

Application Marketing Campaigns to Students and Parents
Application information package goes to students and personalized letter with relevant parent information goes to parents.

Digital Advertising with RNL Digital Dialogue
First party data matching, geo-fencing, and retargeting will reach students where they are—on their mobile.

Personalized, Targeted Email and Direct Mail
Award–winning creative engages students and ensures your brand resonates.

Student Search Predictive Analytics
Powerful predictive analytics target multiple markets to scan for the best senior search purchase to be included in the applicant campaign.

ForecastPlus Predictive Inquiry Modeling
Multi–variable analyses will identify the strength of your inquiry pool and pinpoint which activities should be focused on each student.

Campus Visit Planning and Recruitment Consulting
Campus visits from our Enrollment Marketing expert for training and advising on recruitment practices empower you and your team to maximize the information we provide.
Marquette University

“I was just thrilled on May 1. It was great to see our expectations come to fruition.”

Jean Burke, Interim Dean of Admissions, Marquette University

NEW for RNL Applicant Cultivator: AL, RNL’s AI chat for enrollment

RNL Applicant Cultivator includes AL, our AI chat solution for enrollment. See how this conversational AI lets you have intelligent, natural one-on-one conversations with students any time of day or night. Learn More About AL

Ask for a free guided tour of RNL Complete Enrollment and speak with our enrollment management experts on finding the ideal strategy for your institution


Additional products for Cultivating Applicants

RNL International Student Recruitment

Engage international students through data-driven insights and culturally intelligent, personalized multichannel communication that will get students excited and ready to take their educational journeys to your campus.

RNL ForecastPlus™

Identify students who are more likely to enroll and uncover new markets to explore through custom predictive models that increase yield and help you shape your enrollment.

Conduit Online Engagement from PlatformQ Education

RNL has developed, in partnership with PlatformQ Education, a custom offering that integrates the Conduit platform and online engagement strategies with RNL’s application generation strategies to support your engagement and yield strategies throughout the enrollment process.