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For college students at the mid-point
of their first year

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Build on the success of your first-term interventions
with this online survey of college students’ needs at mid-year

The Mid-Year Student Assessment (MYSA) is the follow-up survey to the College Student Inventory (CSI) and is compatible with CSI Form B and Form C. It examines the non-cognitive, motivational needs of your students at the mid-point of their first year and shows you how to adjust your interventions to meet students’ current needs and receptivity to assistance.

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Caldwell College

“The data from the Mid-Year Student Assessment are very rich, providing us with information on how students are doing at this time. Advisors receive information on students who intend to transfer or are undecided about their future college plans.”

Harriett Schenk, Assistant Dean, Student Academic Affairs, Caldwell College (NJ)

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Learn how to use the MYSA to:

  • Identify which students are at risk and receptive to assistance.
  • Intervene with students earlier, when the chance for success is greater.
  • Make retention strategies more effective and efficient by basing them on reliable student data.

Compare changes in college student motivations over the course of the first term

You can administer this follow-up survey at the end of the first term or at the beginning of the second term, and then compare the results to the data from the College Student Inventory you administered at the beginning of the first term. The resulting data:

  • Identifies changes in students’ academic and social needs and concerns, providing a springboard for mid-year action planning and follow-up.
  • Determines where there are gaps between students’ receptivity to support services at the beginning of the year and students’ actual usage of services by mid-year.
  • Pinpoints the college completion plans of students at mid-year: You learn which students expect to complete their degrees at your campus, transfer to another institution, withdraw, or are unsure of their plans for the next term.
  • Determines which campus services students utilize the most.
  • Provides updates on individual student’s receptivity to campus services at mid-year.

In addition, this CSI mid-year post-test assesses students’ satisfaction at mid-year with nine aspects of the campus experience, creates benchmarks for end-of-term progress, and allows you to add up to 10 customized, campus-specific items.

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