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Identifying the Most Impactful Priorities at Illinois Eastern Community Colleges

Chancellor Ryan Gower  of Illinois Eastern Community Colleges talks about how his multi-campus institution was able to better identify its top priorities for students after working with RNL.

The Illinois Eastern Community Colleges are a multi-campus group of two-year institutions that had seen some slow enrollment declines. To help reverse that trend, Chancellor Ryan Gower began working with RNL consultants to find the right strategies for both enrollment growth and to best meet the needs of students.

But in the process, their consultant helped them do more than increase engagement with students and families to position IECC more competitively. They also focused their energy and dedication toward the activities that would have the greatest impact…on the students as well as the colleges. They found a partner in RNL who not only understood their market and their challenges, but also their mission and the passion that drove what they did. Ultimately, this collaboration focused that energy in a way that helped the tireless enrollment professionals at IECC turn good strategies into great ones.

“When you work in education, everything is a good thing because we’re working to improve people’s lives. But it’s also good to take a step back and develop the goals to say, this might be good, but this is what’s best. There’s really nothing that we could be working on that’s not good, but because we have scarce resources, limited number of staff, and limited hours in the day, we have to take that step back to say, what’s the best thing for us right now?”
—Ryan Gower, Chancellor

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