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Identify, Engage, and Generate Genuine Interest from the Right Students

How do you stand out in today’s fiercely competitive college market? With students who have been flooded with search campaigns from your competition?

Ruffalo Noel Levitz helps you build demand by being more strategic, data-informed, creative, and digital in your college student search. By partnering with us, you tap into:

  • Proven expertise in predictive analytics to target the right students.
  • Innovative creative that makes your campaign stand out.
  • Integrated multichannel engagement that reaches students no matter where they are.

Don’t settle for mass interest. Generate genuine interest with our solutions for Building Demand.

Success Stories of Enrollment Management

“The questions that we’ve been working through with RNL when it comes to data-driven decisions have been a game changer for us.”

—Scott Teichert, Director of Admissions

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St John Fisher College13 percent increase in enrollment and 21 percent increase in net tuition revenue over a five year period.

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Predictive modeling and analytics from Ruffalo Noel Levitz helped Marquette to build a more qualified applicant pool and a more focused search program.

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Solutions Designed to Build Demand

Demand Builder

RNL Demand Builder combines our student search expertise and multichannel enrollment marketing strategies with award-winning creative and industry-leading research and consulting to identify and engage students most likely to respond to your unique offerings.

Student Journey

Create a self-directed enrollment experience for prospective students with this trailblazing approach to the college search process, one that is more relevant, timely, and compelling to students and parents.

Adult Learner, Online Learner, and Graduate Student Enrollment Solutions

Drive enrollment with student attitudinal data, behavioral modeling, and multichannel marketing that resonates with these growing populations.

NYS Demand Builder

Protect your existing market share in New York and reach new markets outside the state through analytics-and-affordability-driven search campaigns.

Augusta University

“Even when I’m looking at the numbers, I said, ‘This is crazy.’ I’ve been in enrollment for 22 years. I’ve never seen these kinds of numbers. I’ve never seen this kind of growth—especially in a contracting market.”

David Barron, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services, Augusta University (Georgia)

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