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2023 National Student Satisfaction and Priorities Results


National Student Satisfaction and Priorities Results

Read the latest college student satisfaction results to learn how students assess the college experience

How satisfied are students with the college experience? How does assessing student satisfaction impact student success? What are the top strengths and challenges for colleges and universities?

Find out in our 2023 National College Student Satisfaction and Priorities Results. This update contains the most recent student satisfaction and priorities results as well as strengths and challenges by institution type.

Explore key trends in college student satisfaction in this analysis of 362,000 student records, including:

  • Student satisfaction results for four-year public, four-year private, two-year community colleges, online learners, and adult students.
  • Top strengths (areas of high satisfaction and high importance) and challenges (low satisfaction and high importance) for those institution types and student populations.
  • How assessing student satisfaction impacts graduation rates
  • Changes in student satisfaction depending on whether students are at their first-choice institution.
  • Which factors influence a student’s decision to enroll.

Plus you can also download the 2022 National Student Satisfaction and Priorities Report.

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Data for this report was compiled using the RNL Satisfaction-Priorities Assessments, a suite of benchmarking tools used by more than 3,000 colleges and universities for the last 25 years.