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Donor Engagement Solutions to Increase Annual Giving

Increasing pressure on colleges and universities to raise more, more quickly means annual giving strategies must evolve to meet those demands—while also adapting to the shifting expectations of a rapidly changing donor base.

RNL’s Annual Giving solutions deliver a set of powerful, purpose-built solutions to meet these challenges. We conducted extensive research to design annual giving strategies that adapt to the way donors want to give. These innovative solutions are built on proven fundraising best practices and forward-looking trends to:

  • Transform donor engagement through omnichannel outreach designed for the smartphone era: calling, texting, email, and video.
  • Increase alumni giving by offering a dynamic donor-led journey that connects with their unique philanthropic passions
  • Amplify campaigns through smarter digital solutions and turnkey direct response programs

Through a combination of advanced analytics, personalized engagement, and industry-leading insights, RNL’s Annual Giving solutions increase donor engagement, build lasting relationships, and create a stronger pipeline of lifelong donors.

Level Up Your Donor Engagement

RNL Digital Engagement Center

See the RNL Digital Engagement Center, a revolutionary approach to donor engagement, powered by advanced analytics and omnichannel outreach.

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“The engagement center gives us an opportunity to reach to a broad group within our large alumni base. Our telefund students also build a community with each other. Our RNL center manager does an incredible job. Our students, combined with the professionalism that RNL brings, have given us an opportunity to expand and increase results.”

Tracy Krahl, Associate Vice President for Communication and Engagement, DePaul University

Solutions for annual giving

RNL Digital Engagement Center

Revolutionize your approach to donor engagement with advanced analytics make engagement smarter, omnichannel outreach that reaches donors in the channels they use every day, and flexible options for on-campus or off-campus management your student ambassadors.

RNL Engage™

Create continuous, ongoing engagement with donors with a digital fundraising platform that combines calling, texting, email, video, and analytics.

RNL Synergy Omnichannel Fundraising

Elevate your fundraising results with a data-driven solution that identifies your best prospects, optimizes a strategic omnichannel mix to reach those donors, and delivers the best possible results within your budget.

RNL Personal Journey

Evolve donor communication with this new innovation for engaging alumni and donors. RNL Personal Journey represents the future of fundraising outreach: unique donor-driven, personalized engagement across a dynamic mix of channels, delivering a fundraising message that is more relevant, more timely, and more effective for donor engagement.

RNL Digital Dialogue

Amplify digital giving programs, year-end campaigns, events and more with a smarter approach to digital advertising that uses the latest innovations in display advertising, retargeting, and mobile/geo location.

Direct Response

Increase donor engagement with top-quality direct mail and email solutions that complement your campaigns and help you reach your annual giving goals.

Why choose RNL for annual giving?

Nearly 500 Institutions

rely on RNL for their phonathon needs

More Than 4 Million Donor Conversations

held annually by our student callers and fundraising experts

Over $1 Billion In Funds Raised

through RNL-designed campaigns