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Engage and enroll any student population

Changing demographics, technological advances, and evolving workforce needs have reshaped the enrollment landscape. To be competitive today, colleges and universities have to be able to engage and enroll traditional and nontraditional students.

RNL gives you that ability with our complete enrollment solutions for undergraduate, graduate, and online learners.

Combining the best of modern digital marketing and personalization at scale with a half century of experience in enrollment management, RNL is the one firm that provides the technology, platform, expertise, and analytics you need to achieve your enrollment goals.

RNL Enrollment Toolkit

Enrollment management solutions for key student populations

Target traditional undergraduates, adult undergraduates, online learners, and graduate students with our comprehensive enrollment solutions.

Find insights, analytics, and solutions to give you everything you need to bring in your ideal class.

Undergraduate Enrollment Overview

RNL’s Graduate Enrollment and Marketing Solutions are the most comprehensive solution for optimizing your graduate program offerings, modernizing your marketing, and maximizing your enrollment potential for these populations.

  • Find insights through market research
  • Receive strategic analytics and experienced consultation
  • Generate and nurture leads in a way that aligns with your enrollment goals
  • Increase retention from graduate students
Graduate Enrollment Overview

Transform online enrollment and learning with comprehensive online enrollment solutions that cover you from recruitment to instruction to completion.

  • Market research that guides decision making
  • Academic courses and curriculum that help you create a world-class online learning experience
  • Digital lead generation and nurturing that shapes your class and increases yield
  • Online student retention resources to help more students complete their educational goals
  • Expert consulting so you have a partner to provide guidance and insights at every step
Online Enrollment Overview
St John Fisher College

“RNL has been an important strategic partner to the college for over 18 years. Their modeling has provided scenarios to leverage our institutional aid and guidance to continue our success during challenging enrollment times.”

Marie Fico, Director of Student Financial Services, St. John Fisher College

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