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Student completion is the fundamental mission of higher education. But to guide more students to completion, it takes the right data, the right strategies, and the right resources, all working together.

Our solutions for Student Success provide:

  • Accurate assessments that deliver actionable data for retention planning and student interventions.
  • Predictive analytics that enable intervening earlier with students who are receptive to help.
  • Student retention strategies that increase efficiency and the impact of retention efforts.

Explore our Student Success solutions and see how you can maximize student retention and completion.

COVID-19 Resources for Higher Education

COVID-19 and Higher EducationGroup IconTo help you navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, RNL has put together a resource page featuring insights from RNL experts, links to government resources, and social media and online resources.

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Suite of Solutions Designed to Increase Student Retention

These suites of solutions also work independently, allowing you to focus on specific enrollment
management challenges. Explore them and see how you can recruit and retain the right
students all the way through the student lifecycle.

Successful campuses continuously strive to improve the quality of the student experience. In order to do that, you need to know where to focus your efforts.

Student Satisfaction Inventory

Institutional Priorities Survey

Adult Student Priorities Survey

Adult Learner Inventory

Priorities Survey for Online Learners

Parent Satisfaction Inventory

Satisfaction-Priorities Assessments™ Overview

The early-alert RNL Retention Management System Plus (RMS Plus) is a comprehensive suite of student success surveys and analytics that help you identify which individual undergraduates are most at risk, gauge students’ receptivity to assistance in key areas, and immediately connect at-risk students to relevant campus resources.

College Student Inventory

Mid-Year Student Assessment

Second-Year Student Assessment

Student Retention Predictor™

Retention Management Systems Plus™ Overview

How can you help more of your students succeed and persist?

The Student Retention Predictor combines your institution’s enrollment data and data from the Ruffalo Noel Levitz College Student Inventory™ into a powerful statistical model that identifies which incoming first-year students are less likely to persist, and, of these, which students can be influenced to re-enroll.

Start Predicting

Many campuses focus more resources on recruiting students than on retaining them. But it is far more cost-effective to improve the student experience in and out of the classroom to increase student retention rates, completion, and ultimately enrollment.

RNL Student Success gives you the most comprehensive way to nurture and develop successful students from pre-enrollment through graduation.

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RNL Career Services powered by Purple Briefcase™ helps students and alumni find jobs that align with their career goals and passions, helps college career administrators monitor and facilitate student career development, and ultimately helps employers find the best candidates at our client institutions. We do this via Purple Briefcase, the best-in-class career services platform.

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Your campus invests tremendous amounts of resources to bring in each and every student, spending months or years recruiting them. Replacing students that withdraw or stop out is costly, compounding the costs each loss has on your institution.

RNL has pioneered student retention and success in higher education through groundbreaking student assessment instruments, advanced analytics, and strategic planning for retention. Now we have combined our decades of experience in student retention with our expertise in student marketing and alumni affinity to reinvent student engagement for retention.

RNL Re-Enrollment for Student Success is a powerful way to engage currently enrolled students who have not registered for classes and those students who have recently withdrawn or stopped out.

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