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Thank you for attending the 2022 RNL Regional Workshop!


We appreciate you joining us for an RNL Regional Workshop. We hope you found it informative and inspirational. Below you will find the slides from the Graduate and Online Enrollment track. Note that there are some differences in the slides based on region, so the slides for all three locations will be posted.

Graduate and Online Enrollment Slides

Traditional Enrollment Track Resources

Click here to access the slides and resources for the Traditional Enrollment track.

2022 RNL Regional Workshops: Breakfast at the St. Louis Workshop
Kicking off the fall workshops in St. Louis.
RNL 2022 Workshop Seattle
Diving into trends during the Seattle workshop.
2022 RNL Fundraising Workshop in NYC
Discussing donor engagement at the New York workshop.


RNL Research Reports on Graduate and Online Enrollment

Case Studies from RNL Campus Partners

More Insights From RNL Graduate and Online Experts