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2021 Graduate Student Recruitment Report


2021 Graduate Student Recruitment Report

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Graduate student enrollment has become more important than ever to overall enrollment growth. But there are also more institutions and programs than ever vying for a finite number of graduate students. How can your institution compete more effectively for these prospective students?

Discover a wealth of data in this 20-page Graduate Student Recruitment Report. This survey of more than 1,500 prospective graduate students reveals what these students expect and demand. Read it now to find out:

  • Top resources used to research graduate programs
  • Most important information on institutional websites
  • How quickly graduate students want to receive a response to inquiries and be notified of acceptance
  • The most important factors in their enrollment decision
  • How many students prefer online, classroom, or hybrid study
  • Preferred course length and types of programs

2021 Graduate Student Recruitment: preference for full-time or part-time

2021 Graduate Student Recruitment: programs of study

This research report was co-sponsored by PLEXUSS.