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2022 Online Student Recruitment Report


2022 Online Student Report

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Explore 10 key challenges and solutions and nearly 40 findings in this online student recruitment report.

Online enrollment at the undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree level has become crucial to enrollment growth for institutions. However, prospective online students have very different expectations and behaviors than traditional undergraduate and graduate students.

Learn about those expectations in the groundbreaking Online Student Recruitment Report. This survey of 1,600 prospective online students reveals what these students expect and demand. Explore 10 key areas of online student enrollment:

  1. Trends in online enrollment growth
  2. The largest opportunity for online enrollment growth
  3. Intended disciplines of study for online students
  4. Preferences for course length and structure
  5. How online students search for programs of study
  6. Content preferences for prospective online students
  7. The most important enrollment factors
  8. The age ranges of online students
  9. Preferences for communicating with prospective programs
  10. How quickly online students expect an admission decision

Online Student Recruitment Report: Likelihood of enrolling in online program that offers admission first

This research report was co-sponsored by PLEXUSS.

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