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2021 Prospective Family Engagement Report


2021 Prospective Family Survey

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Learn the attitudes, concerns, and expectations of families of prospective college students

What impact has the pandemic had on the families of prospective college students? How have their behaviors and expectations changed as they learn about colleges, help their children choose an institution, and figure out how to pay for that education?

RNL and CampusESP surveyed more than 5,200 parents of prospective college students to answer these and many more questions. Download your free copy and find out:

  • What difference did the last year make on how far away parents will let their children attend college?
  • How have their plans for financing their children’s college education changed?
  • How often to parents want to hear from colleges? And how do they want colleges to communicate with them?
  • Are they more interested in virtual experiences such as virtual college tours, or do they want to return to live activities?

Distance parents are willing to let thier children leave for college (2021 Prospective Family Engagement Report)

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