Parent Satisfaction Inventory™

Meet the expectations of parents by measuring their satisfaction and priorities with this companion survey to the Student Satisfaction Inventory.

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Find Out How Satisfied the Parents of Your Students Are and What’s Most Important to Them


You can accurately measure parent perceptions and find out how to better meet parent expectations using the RNL Parent Satisfaction Inventory (PSI), a parallel, companion survey to the four-year college and university versions of the Student Satisfaction Inventory™.

Using our parent survey reveals parents’ issues of top concern along with areas where parents agree or disagree with students. In addition, you receive national norms to validate significant findings.

The PSI is part of the RNL Satisfaction-Priorities Surveys and it:

  • Identifies issues that are highly important to parents, including how parents feel about the campus climate, instructional effectiveness, financial aid, student support services, and academic advising.
  • Identifies perceptions that students and their parents do, and do not, share in common (see illustration).
  • Equips you to implement new strategies for parent relations and to re-focus existing parent and family programming and communications on priority concerns.
  • Benchmarks parent satisfaction against national norms for four-year colleges and universities.

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The Parent Satisfaction Inventory is designed for the parents of currently enrolled undergraduates at four-year colleges and universities. The original Form A matches up with the 70+ item SSI version and the shorter Form B version corresponds with the 40+ SSI option.

See samples of the Parent Satisfaction Inventory

North Carolina State University

“Parents are key players in student success including retention and graduation. Today’s students communicate with their parents frequently, relying on them for guidance and information. By partnering with parents, we build a strong support network for our students. When parents are informed, students succeed.”

Stacy Fair, M.Ed.
Director, Parents, Families Visitor Services, North Carolina State University
Juniata College

“Very valuable information! We found three of our top student-perceived strengths were three of our top parent-perceived challenges. We are now developing a communications strategy to address this disconnect. We plan to conduct the parent survey each year that we conduct the student survey so that we can continue to compare strengths and challenges.”

Linda Carpenter
Executive Director of Constituent Relations, Juniata College
University of North Dakota

“Family members play a critical role in a student's success, so knowing how the family member feels is very important. We have begun and will continue to use the data we received from the Parent Satisfaction Inventory to improve all aspects of our family programming, services, and events.”

Kristi Okerlund
Family and Student Programming Coordinator, Office of Enrollment Services, University of North Dakota

Receive national benchmark comparisons

After using the PSI, you will receive detailed reports about the responses of parents and see how they compare nationally. You will also receive a report with the combination of your SSI and PSI results presented together.

Review the report samples and the list of institutions in the current three-year national norm groups.

Implementation support: How is the PSI administered?

Learn more about the online administration process and how RNL provides you with support throughout the process.

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