Institutional Priorities Survey™

Compare the perceptions of campus professionals to those of your students with this companion survey to the RNL Student Satisfaction Inventory.

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Assess the Priorities of Campus Administrators, Staff, and Faculty and See How They Compare With Your Students


Keep your retention initiatives on track by using the Institutional Priorities Survey, the parallel to the Student Satisfaction Inventory™ for faculty, administration, and staff.

Using the two surveys simultaneously reveals areas of agreement and disagreement between students and campus personnel, so you can:

  • Confirm further the accuracy of your students’ perceptions
  • Identify areas for new initiatives that will be well-received campuswide (see illustration)
  • Gain an understanding of your campus climate from a faculty/staff perspective

By knowing which issues everyone agrees are important, you’ll be prepared to implement programs that are well-received, and you’ll learn when advance work is necessary to bring particular campus audiences on board with the rest.

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The IPS is part of the RNL Satisfaction-Priorities Surveys family of survey instruments, with versions that are specific for.

  • Four-year public and private institutions
  • Two-year community colleges and career schools

The original Form A matches up with the 70+ item SSI version.

Receive national benchmark comparisons

After using the IPS, you will receive detailed reports about the responses for your campus personnel and see how your results compare nationally. You will also receive a report with the combination of your SSI and IPS results presented together.

Review the report samples and the list of institutions in the current three-year national norm groups.

Implementation support: How is the IPS administered?

Learn more about the online administration process which is used by the majority of client institutions.

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