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Compete with free public colleges with
a proprietary, targeted search and financial aid strategy

For private colleges and universities in New York State, the potential effects
of the Excelsior Scholarship—free public college tuition—are imminent and
substantial, shifting enrollment trends in 2017 and beyond.

RNL New York State (NYS) Enrollment Solutions™ can help you compete. Let us help you make the immediate, necessary changes you need to remain competitive in the new environment—based on research.

  • Ramp up student search and applicant campaigns.
  • Leverage competitive financial aid and scholarship packages.
  • Balance enrollment and net revenue needs.
  • Make sound strategy adjustments quickly, using solid research to guide decisions.

Provides a robust strategy—powered by proprietary RNL analytics customized specifically to New York State and the surrounding region—to ensure out-of-state enrollment growth while managing the in-state environment.

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Drive inquiries, applications, and enrollment with a robust combination of analytics, tools, and consulting.

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Develops your applicant pool utilizing our New York State custom analytics to drive powerful multichannel outreach for inquiries, high school seniors, and their families.

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Optimizes institutional dollars and yield rates while maximizing net revenue through advanced modeling, Excelsior Scholarship impact research, a price study, and a competitor benchmarking analysis.

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Plus, an RNL NYS Impact Study provides an immediate understanding of how the Excelsior Scholarship influences the enrollment decisions of YOUR recently admitted students.

How Will NYS Enrollments Change?

5 reasons you should add RNL New York State Enrollment Solutions

  1. Complete—This is a comprehensive, turn-key solution to help you compete now.
  2. Customized—This proprietary set of solutions has been customized to the enrollment needs of  private colleges and universities in New York State
  3. Integrated—Bundle these solutions seamlessly with any enrollment service you currently use
  4. Balanced—Create the right approach for meeting desired revenue and enrollment goals in this new competitive environment.
  5. Efficient—Allocate resources to the best students to meet your goals, generating genuine interest with prospects who want to enroll at your institution.

Click to hear our webinar recording on the impact of the Excelsior Scholarship