The acquisition is RNL’s third in 2019, and part of a broader digital transformation strategy designed to enable colleges and universities to engage their constituents on a 1:1 level at scale, from prospective students to alumni and donors. In the case of QuadWrangle, the acquisition is also part of RNL’s efforts to counter a multi-decade decline in alumni fundraising participation. The platform will be incorporated into RNL’s suite of fundraising solutions as RNL QuadWrangle.

RNL QuadWrangle uses its powerful AI engine QuadHub to analyze data from campus CRMs, previous donor interactions, social channel engagement data, and other authenticated sources to provide insights on donor preferences. It then allows institutions to use that information to create precisely curated content that matches their interests—emails, newsletters, events, giving opportunities, career opportunities, and even alumni-to-alumni connections. The platform makes it easy for institutions to create and launch those campaigns in minutes rather than the hours or even days they would usually require.

“RNL QuadWrangle brings together the most advanced AI for higher ed philanthropy with one of the easiest interfaces an advancement professional will ever see,” said Josh Robertson, senior vice president for product strategy at RNL. “The ability to execute campaigns that deliver omnichannel hyper-personalized content to hundreds of thousands of potential donors in minutes will make donor engagement easier, faster, and smarter than ever for campuses.”

RNL QuadWrangle will work both as a standalone SaaS solution as well as an integrated part of RNL’s additional fundraising solutions such as the RNL Digital Engagement Center, RNL Giving Day, RNL Crowdfunding, and RNL’s AI chat solution, AL. The solutions will have multidirectional data flows so each part can amplify the benefits and results from the other—for instance, donor behavior data gathered from RNL Giving Day being available for use by RNL QuadWrangle to send additional personalized communications.

“This is a critical step forward in the evolution of personalization and automation for fundraising,” said RNL President and CEO Sumit Nijhawan. “RNL QuadWrangle will enable campuses to harness the power of personalization that donors expect today, allowing institutions to build stronger engagement that leads to greater donor participation and sustainable fundraising growth.”

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About QuadWrangle

QuadWrangle is the first AI-Powered Engagement Management System designed specifically for higher education. For some of the world’s leading public and private colleges and universities, QuadWrangle delivers completely personalized news, appeals, invites, community connections, and more through its comprehensive website management, community mobile apps, and email marketing solutions.