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RNL Launches CRM Solutions for Higher Education to Help Colleges and Universities Align Their Campus Systems With Their Enrollment Goals

New solutions from leading higher education firm will optimize campus CRMs and provide real-time insights into college enrollment efforts.

September 16, 2021—RNL, the leading provider of higher education solutions for college enrollment, student success, and fundraising, today announced its new CRM Solutions for Higher Education to ensure that campus CRMs are aligned and optimized with the institution’s enrollment goals.

RNL CRM Solutions fill a critical need for institutions at a time when they need robust CRM management to power their strategies for student marketing and recruitment. RNL’s flexible solutions can help institutions accelerate the implementation of a new CRM, improve data integration, enhance communication flows for marketing and recruitment, and audit their CRM and align it with their enrollment goals.

RNL will initially focus on serving institutions using Slate, the CRM from Technolutions that is used by over 1,400 colleges and universities. RNL is a Slate Platinum Partner.

“In today’s higher education environment, successfully managing enrollments requires a strong data strategy, and an optimized CRM is at the heart of that strategy,” said Robert Tallerico, vice president for CRM solutions at RNL “Now campuses can find a partner who can help them not only manage their CRM but also ensure that their CRM is providing the maximum positive impact on enrollment—with insights that are in near real time so that strategic adjustments can be made quickly and confidently.”

The new solutions bring together RNL’s industry-leading roster of experts with deep expertise in enrollment management, the firm’s unmatched 50 years of experience in the higher education space, and its technology-enabled solutions for student search, application generation, and yield campaigns.

“One of the keys to enrollment management is to reach the right students at the right time with the right message,” said Matthew Schnittman, chief product officer at RNL. “That’s only possible when you have an optimized CRM providing accurate, actionable intelligence that’s aligned with your institutional goals. RNL will ensure that our campus partners have that, from expert implementation and optimization of their CRMs to the actionable insights from our strategists who are the most trusted enrollment experts in higher education. The result will be greater student engagement, greater enrollment results, and greater efficiency and ROI for institutions everywhere.”

RNL will present an overview of its CRM Solutions at a webinar, “Boost Your Enrollment Results Through CRM Optimization.” RNL is also offering complimentary consultations for enrollment managers looking to optimize their CRMs. Learn more here.

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