RNL Engage evolves donor outreach to a mobile-first platform to connect with donors on the devices they use every day. As supporters shift from simply talking on the phone to utilizing the full opportunity provided by their smartphones—texting, video, email, and social media—RNL has moved to adapt.

“Today’s call center is now a digital engagement center, and the best institutions are leveraging everything our mobile devices have to offer to maximize donor excitement and the likelihood of giving,” said RNL President and CEO Sumit Nijhawan.

The RNL Engage platform features prescriptive analytics, texting, email, personalized video, and calling. This saves institutions time and resources while taking advantage of the synergy between these contact channels. Leveraging the power of this single platform, advancement leaders can create outreach campaigns, manage shifts for campus ambassadors, and integrate directly with their main CRM. RNL Engage also allows for the integration of RNL’s industry-leading crowdfunding solution, and enables personalized videos powered by technology from ThankView.

“Donors expect personalized and relevant interactions with the companies and organizations they interact with every day,” said Josh Robertson, senior vice president of product strategy at RNL. “Higher education fundraising needs to evolve beyond the traditional siloed approach to phone, email, and texting and instead create a cohesive experience to fully engage donors and increase giving.”

RNL’s combination of deep analytics and decades of expertise helps institutions target the right donors, operate with greater efficiency, and maximize their return on investment for donor engagement. RNL Engage enables campuses to use predictive modeling and prescriptive insights to focus on prospects who are most open to outreach, allowing them to engage donors at the right time with the right ask.

Campuses partnering with RNL to manage their donor outreach programs as well as those using the SaaS versions of RNL CAMPUSCALL will be upgraded, and institutions can bring various components of the platform online as they are ready to engage donors.

“RNL Engage gives campuses a digital engagement platform to power the next generation of outreach to donors. RNL campus partners will see a greater return on investment, deploying every minute spent on the platform by each of their ambassadors and staff members to the maximum impact,” said Robertson. “This is about leveraging technology and automation to increase the benefits of human-to-human interaction.”

RNL will dive into more details during a webinar, “Transforming Donor Engagement With RNL Engage” on February 11. You can also learn more about the RNL Engage platform, or speak with an RNL expert for a free demo and consultation.

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