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Ruffalo Noel Levitz Launches Fundraising Consulting to Reverse Donor Decline

Leader in higher education fundraising applies decades of experience to new consulting and multichannel solutions for annual giving

July 25, 2018—Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL), leading provider of higher education enrollment management, student success, and fundraising solutions, launched consulting and multichannel solutions for higher education fundraising today to address the long-term decline in donor participation.

While giving to higher education has hit a record high, the percentage of alumni giving back to their institutions is at an all-time low of 8 percent—and has declined for 20 year, according to RNL analysis of data from the most recent Voluntary Support of Education survey.

“Colleges and universities have a tenuous future when it comes to philanthropy,” said Cutler Andrews, senior vice president at Ruffalo Noel Levitz and leader of the firm’s new fundraising consulting solutions. “We are leveraging our unique blend of long-term experience in the field, vast data, and multichannel marketing to deliver annual giving approaches that will amplify results for our campus partners.”

RNL has been a leader in higher education fundraising for a quarter century. In the last decade, the firm has evolved its comprehensive phonathon programs to integrate additional channels—direct mail, email, digital advertising, crowdfunding, giving days, marketing automation, and text messaging. With its new fundraising consulting services, colleges and universities will have one comprehensive solution for the knowledge, data, and scalable resources they need:

  • Smart analytics and data modeling that draw on a vast repository of higher education fundraising data.
  • Multichannel integration and optimization, constantly evolving through continuous testing at a wide range of institutions.
  • Harnessing leading private-sector strategies from direct marketing, customer acquisition, customer loyalty, and digital advertising to create a modern approach to donor engagement.
  • Consulting experience built from work with hundreds of colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations to develop the most effective, data-driven fundraising approaches.

“Our fundraising consulting and multichannel fundraising solutions will provide the speed, flexibility, collaboration, and scale that campuses require to have robust, sustainable fundraising results,” said Sumit Nijhawan, president and CEO of RNL. “In an increasingly complex fundraising landscape, it is difficult for campuses to do this on their own.”

For more information, visit RuffaloNL.com.

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Ruffalo Noel Levitz is the leading provider of higher education enrollment, student success, and fundraising solutions. The firm serves more than 1,900 colleges and universities through data-driven solutions focused on the entire lifecycle of enrollment and fundraising, assuring students find the right program, graduate on time, secure their first job in their chosen field, and give back to support the next generation. With a deep knowledge of the industry, Ruffalo Noel Levitz provides institutions the ability to scale their efforts by tapping into a community of support and resources.