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RNL Expands Its Data-Driven Enrollment and Technology Solutions Through Strategic Acquisition of Helix Education

The addition of Helix’s technology, processes, and people enhances RNL’s ability to help institutions recruit and retain adult, graduate, and online students while also improving the quality of the student experience.

January 22, 2021—RNL, the leading provider of higher education enrollment management, student success, and fundraising solutions, has acquired Helix Education, a firm that has helped numerous institutions maximize enrollment growth through data-driven services and technologies across the post-traditional student lifecycle.

By acquiring Helix, RNL can work with institutions to improve every aspect of the adult student lifecycle—lead generation, lead nurturing, enrollment, academic services, and retention—through an end-to-end marketing, enrollment, and retention technology platform.

Helix’s experienced leadership and staff will also join RNL to work alongside the firm’s enrollment experts. Matthew Schnittman, previously CEO of Helix Education, will serve as RNL’s chief product officer. Kari Kovar, the chief operations officer at Helix Education, will now be the senior vice president, RNL ENABLE which is the enrollment growth services offering. Augmented by RNL’s industry-leading expertise and resources, they will continue to serve Helix’s clients in the higher education market.

The Helix platform amplifies RNL’s already robust capabilities in graduate and online enrollment, while also providing more flexible and transparent options to the traditional online program management (OPM) model. As colleges and universities pivot to online or hybrid delivery of classes and diversify their enrollments by expanding into the adult and graduate student markets, RNL provides the comprehensive support they need to recruit students and deliver a quality educational experience—but with greater control and transparency than what traditional OPMs provide.

“We are excited to add the talent and experience of the Helix staff and the powerful benefits of their technology platform to our enrollment solutions,” said RNL President and CEO Dr. Sumit Nijhawan. “This acquisition will give institutions key capabilities for recruiting and retaining nontraditional students so they can optimize their enrollment profiles and revenue streams.”

“We are honored to join the highly respected team at RNL and amplify the ability of our enrollment growth technology platform and services to help institutions maximize their enrollment potential,” said Schnittman.

For more information, please contact Brandon Trissler, Vice President of Content at RNL, at Brandon.Trissler@RuffaloNL.com.

About Helix Education

Helix Education provides colleges and universities a comprehensive suite of technology and services to power data-driven enrollment growth. The company’s three data-driven solutions—Outsourced Program Management, Enrollment Marketing, and Retention Services—have successfully helped institutions find, enroll, retain, teach, and graduate post-traditional learners for more than 30 years. Its enrollment growth solutions are powered by a proprietary technology ecosystem that aggregates data across the student lifecycle to better understand an institution’s best-fit students’ journey, and also implements actionable intelligence to improve outcomes for students and institutions alike.

About RNL

RNL (Ruffalo Noel Levitz) is the leading provider of higher education enrollment, student success, and fundraising solutions. More than 1,900 colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations rely on RNL for advanced analytics, personalized engagement, and industry-leading insights to achieve their missions. The firm is focused on the entire lifecycle of enrollment and fundraising at the undergraduate and graduate levels, assuring students find the right college or university, graduate on time, secure their first job in their chosen field, remain engaged as lifelong learners, and give back to support the next generation. RNL conferences, research reports, papers, and articles help clients stay on top of current trends. Learn more at www.RuffaloNL.com.