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Ruffalo Noel Levitz Launches Conversational AI Solution for Higher Education Enrollment and Fundraising

Firm’s “AL” solution for AI chat is the first in its planned suite of Enroll AI and Advancement AI offerings

February 8, 2019—Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL), the leading provider of higher education enrollment, student success, and fundraising solutions, today announced a new conversational AI solution for enrollment and fundraising—“AL,” it’s advanced learning AI chat interface. It is the latest addition to the firm’s growing portfolio of omnichannel solutions for higher education, and the first in a suite of AI solutions. 

Named in honor of founder Al Ruffalo, AL delivers automated chat and messaging capabilities to trigger conversations on campus websites as well as social media. Known as conversational AI, this advanced learning technology provides authentic, engaging conversation streams with students and donors that move them closer to enrolling at a college or making a donation. The solution also allows institutions to initiate conversations on Facebook, further extending engagement opportunities to the world’s largest social media site.

“Naming our solution ‘AL’ is an homage to Al Ruffalo and the way he revolutionized how colleges and universities engaged their constituents, really putting the one-on-one conversation at the forefront of outreach,” said Josh Robertson, senior vice president for product strategy at RNL. “Conversational AI has the same ability to revolutionize how institutions interact with prospective students and donors today. It delivers the authenticity of live conversation at key decision points for enrollment and fundraising, at a scale that is not possible without automation.”

The AL conversational AI adds a powerful communication component to annual enrollment and fundraising campaigns. For college enrollment, AL provides customized communication throughout a student’s decision cycle for attending college—from searching for colleges to applying to the financial aid process. For fundraising, AL similarly delivers another opportunity to engage donors for annual giving, crowdfunding, giving days, and other philanthropic opportunities.

AL is the first solution from a suite of AI offerings from RNL. The Enroll AI and Advancement AI suites will provide a number of solutions that harness the power and efficiency of AI for communication, analysis, reporting, and strategy development.

“RNL’s advances in automation through AI and machine learning will help institutions expand their reach with constituents, amplify their data analysis and insights, and engage students and alumni on an unprecedented scale,” said Sumit Nijhawan, president and CEO of RNL. “AL is an important milestone as it allows us to employ this automated engagement at the most frequent point of contact, an institution’s website, giving institutions the ability to engage more students and alumni than they could without this automation.”

To see RNL’s conversational AI in action, visit RuffaloNL.com/AL.

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