As demographic changes cause traditional undergraduate enrollment to flatten over the next decade, nontraditional markets will become increasingly important for institutional sustainability. The market opportunity is there, as there are now 3 million students who take courses exclusively online and 1 in 3 who take at least one online course. Some institutions have attempted to tap into this market by using online program management (OPM) providers to manage enrollment and program delivery. But these OPMs require lengthy commitments and take a significant share of revenue, making them less than ideal for some campuses. RNL examined this problem in a recent white paper, Growing Online and Graduate Enrollment—A New Alternative.

RNL’s approach provides an alternative that is more flexible than OPMs while still providing a complete enrollment solution for these student populations that have different motivations, expectations, and timelines than traditional undergraduates. RNL Graduate and Online Solutions helps institutions position their programs more competitively through market insights, craft data-informed strategic enrollment plans to align their resources with their enrollment goals, and nurture leads through omnichannel engagement that incorporates modern digital campaigns.

“The graduate, online, and adult market presents an enormous enrollment opportunity for institutions that modernize their recruitment approach with these populations,” said RNL President and CEO Sumit Nijhawan. “Our solution ensures that institutions will have the ideal mix of data insights, strategic guidance, digital engagement, and full-funnel lead generation they need to engage and enroll the students they need.”

RNL’s solutions draw on the expertise and capabilities of Converge, the digital marketing firm for higher education that RNL acquired earlier in 2019. Converge had worked with more than 300 programs, becoming one of the most successful and respected firms in the graduate and online space.

“No other firm has addressed the need for a comprehensive enrollment solution aimed at the graduate and online market the way we have with RNL+Converge,” said Ann Oleson, co-founder of Converge and now senior vice president for marketing at RNL. “Our solution offers exceptional engagement with prospective students while providing more fiscal flexibility than OPMs. It’s a true alternative that enables campuses to be more efficient and nimble with a student population that moves through the enrollment funnel very quickly.”

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