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Answer key questions for enrollment and student success with RNL’s  research reports

Every year, thousands of enrollment professionals download our reports to help them compare their performance to their peer institutions, optimize their strategies, and better serve their students. Here are some of the questions our 2020 reports can help you answer.

What are the most effective marketing and recruitment practices?

2020 Marketing and Recruitment Practices effective practices

Marketing and Recruitment Practices for Undergraduate Students

2020 Marketing and Recruitment Practices Report

This study dives into which practices campuses use as well as the ones they rate as the most effective, based on a survey of 150+ campus professionals.

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How much does it cost institutions like yours to recruit a student?

Cost of recruiting an undergraduate student in 2020Cost of Recruiting an Undergraduate Student Report

2020 Cost of Recruiting an Undergraduate Student Report

This report provides key benchmarks and data on enrollment costs, staffing levels, and budget priorities related to student recruitment and marketing.

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How difficult will it be for students to finance a college education?

Difficulty of financing college

High School Student Perceptions of College Financing Report

2020 Student Perceptions of College Financing

This survey of nearly 2,000 high school juniors looks at their attitudes toward and experiences with college financing as well as the impact of COVID-19 on their ability to pay.

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How do transfer students search for a new college to attend?

Transfer Student E-Expectations how they search for a college website

E-Expectations of Transfer Students

2020 E-Expectations of Transfer Students

This study of 1,100 transfer students examines the resources they use, their behaviors, and their experiences regarding college websites, research resources, digital advertising, and more.

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What are the benchmarks for discount rates and net revenue?

2020 Discounting Report: Discount rates for privates

Discounting Report for Four-Year Institutions

2020 Discounting Report

Find benchmarks on financial aid, need, yield rates, and more for first-time-in-college and transfer students, pulled from data on 337,000 students at nearly 280 institutions.

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What are the key indicators for measuring student success and persistence?

Student Retention Benchmarks: Budget Figures

Student Success and Retention Benchmarks

2020 Student Retention Benchmarks Report

Discover 14 key retention benchmarks for first-year, second-year, and transfer students. The 2020 report also includes new benchmarks on retention expenditures.

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What are the top priorities and needs of first-year students?

Freshman Motivations Top Priorities

National Freshman Motivation to Complete College Report

2020 Freshman Motivations Report

Explore what first-year students identified as their top motivations, priorities, needs, and challenges, and what you can do to strengthen their experience.

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How satisfied are today’s college students?

2020 college student satisfaction

National Student Satisfaction and Priorities Report

National Student Satisfaction and Priorities Report

Find student satisfaction benchmarks from nearly 800 institutions for traditional undergraduate, graduate, adult, and online students.

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