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2023 Discounting Report for Four-Year Institutions


2023 Discounting Report

See 18 sets of financial aid benchmarks for private and public colleges and universities

The 2023 Discounting Report for Four-Year Private and Public Institutions looks at financial aid benchmarks for first-year and transfer students. These metrics provide insights into how colleges and universities have managed their awarding and net revenue during the economic and demographic challenges of the current higher education environment.  You can use the findings to compare your results to peer institutions and identify opportunities to optimize your financial aid awarding..

See data from an analysis of 330,000 enrolled students at nearly 250 private and public colleges and universities

Inside the report you’ll find key benchmarks such as:

  • NEW: Yield and melt rates by FAFSA filing status and by Pell eligibility, helping you manage your enrollment and increase access to higher education.
  • Tuition and fee discount rate and net revenue metrics for first-year and transfer students at four-year private and public institutions.
  • Metrics on income and need such as FAFSA completion rates, average gift award per student, and percentage of need met by aid.
  • Comparisons by institution type, student resident status, region, and more.
  • Metrics by athletic participation levels—FBS, FCS, Divisions II and III, and NAIA.

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