Giving Day Success: RNL Partners Innovate and Break Records

Shad HanselmanAssociate Vice President, Annual GivingApril 8, 2021

It’s giving day season, and RNL partners are having great success in 2021! As the economy improves, donors are expanding their support of crucial needs and programs, and one- or two-day fundraising events are still capturing attention. Here are two great examples of RNL partners who used the RNL Digital Giving (powered by ScaleFunder) platform to knock their goals out of the park.

UNLV supporters give big for Rebels Give 2021 Giving Day

UNLV has hosted great giving days in the past, but it was incredible to see such an outpouring of support (1,799+ donors) for the university in one of the hardest-hit areas during the pandemic. UNLV made great use of leaderboards to keep givers highly engaged in seeing which groups would rise to the top. They also utilized social media with high impact and showcased activity on the integrated feed on their platform page. UNLV’s Andie Roa breaks it down in this video case study:

I dive into more details about UNLV’s giving day with Andrea Roa, Associate Director of Digital Philanthropy.

Radford University engages athletics donors with special giving day event

Special giving days for targeted areas within higher education are becoming more common. We’ve seen athletics step up to the plate in the past year, and even with altered or interrupted seasons, athletics donor engagement is high.

Radford University athletics’ two-day “RAD48” event raised one donation for every student athlete. With great use of team-based fundraising and challenges, this engaging and groundbreaking event really captured donor attention. Radford’s Crystal Hubbard and Casey Regis break it down in this video case study.

In this video, Crystal Hubbard and Casey Regis of Radford University discuss their two-day RAD48 event.

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