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Make Fundraising Campaigns Easier, Faster, and Smarter With an AI-Driven Alumni Engagement Platform


How do you amplify alumni engagement? By speaking to your alumni as individuals. But how can you do that at scale and in ways that feel completely personalized to your audience?

With RNL QuadWrangle.

RNL QuadWrangle is an AI-driven alumni engagement platform that makes it easy to personalize outreach to your constituents, enabling you to tap into their interests and excite them about giving. Powered by AI and machine learning, the platform turns donor data culled from social media and campus databases into precisely curated content and calls to action that will spur philanthropy—all through a streamlined and easy-to-use interface.

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RNL QuadWrangle Alumni Engagement

Power your campaigns with 1:1 personalization and precise insights

RNL QuadWrangle AI-Driven Alumni Engagement Platform

Georgia Tech

“We chose QuadWrangle for its abilities in self-configuring outbound communications and the ability to learn the interests of our alumni and friends at scale. Our ability to extract those interests gives us insights on those individuals who are major gift prospects and allows us to accelerate connecting them to the areas of the university that they are more likely to support. ”

Mark Sanders, Director for Development Information Services , Georgia Tech

4 ways RNL QuadWrangle elevates alumni engagement


RNL QuadWrangle Alumni Engagement

Create and launch fundraising campaigns in minutes

Build segmented email lists in seconds, launch an event page in minutes, and create multipoint communication campaigns that stop automatically when a donor completes a goal.

Harness the power of the smartest AI for higher education fundraising

Use RNL QuadWrangle’s machine learning to identify donor interests and preferences, then deliver perfectly aligned content.

Make hyper-personalized connections at scale for every donor in your pool

Lower the amount of resources it takes to achieve complete personalization so your constituents feel like your speaking to them as individuals.

Identify optimal fundraising strategies with AI-enhanced insights

Learn relevant and recent info on donors that identifies who they are now so you can make every fundraising tactic smarter and more successful.

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RNL QuadWrangle Alumni Engagement


RNL QuadWrangle’s precise personalization drives response


in likelihood of alumni who join their QuadWrangle community to give

in giving button click rates when curated by the platform

in platform-generated email clickthrough rates over prior tools

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